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Here are 7 Stocks To Watch This Week

It was a rough start to the week for those involved in Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was down as much as 20% at one point today, taking the rest of the alternative coins down the shithole as well. The whole group got rocked to start the week.

Conversely, the market started the day off with green shoots, as the DOW crossed above 26,000. However, investors quickly rushed in to lock in profits setting up a pretty nasty intraday reversal in stocks.

As far as our top hybrid movers inside Exodus, here is what our system is flagging. I’ll list my favorites in order of highest trading volume first:

  1. MYSZ – App used to measure yourself for just the right fit, volume expanding here.
  2. GM – Nice breakout early on, but less than inspiring close. I want to see it green from here.
  3. BB – I’ve considered making this my stock of the year for 2018. I also hold a nice sized position in my IRA. This is one to watch going forward.
  4. EGO – If gold starts to move here, this should work well down here.
  5. AG – Same thing for silver
  6. GPRO – Watch for a short squeeze here (loaded with shorts), but then again the company sucks. They need the blockchain.
  7. QD – Recent iPO which has traded in a tight range over the last month. Buy strength

Today’s full screen can be found HERE. Off to download a new App…

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The Top Ranked Stocks As We Begin 2018

It’s a terrible evening tonight as the Saints lose in the final few seconds of our Division playoff game. My blood pressure is still rising so hopefully blogging will calm me down.

As I get settled in my desk after the first few weeks of the New Year, let’s go ahead an take a look at the top ranked stocks within our software Exodus. I’ve left the screen in natural form, meaning no secondary scans for volume or cash flow, just pure stock rankings.

$DQ, a solar name, takes the #1 spot with the solar industry jumping out front to a great start. Apple, $AAPL, also looks ready to make fresh new highs as it tries to become the first trillion dollar company. And, the financials are smoking hot: $JPM, $HBAN, $MS, ect.

I’ve imported the top 100 ranked names to finviz for your viewing pleasure. Keep an eye on these as we begin 2018: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100.

Off to cry myself to sleep. Congrats Vikings.

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I Bought My First Stock Of 2018

I have so many things to say as I get settled back in my desk, but I’ll save that for a later post. For now, let me update you guys on my first trade of the year.

Drum roll…..

Watch this thing as it breaks above the 200 day moving average, and now powers through double digits. This thing has big potential, keep it on the radar in 2018.


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Merry Christmas! I Hope Your Stockings Were Filled With Bitcoins

Indeud. 2017 was all about digital currency, just check the leader in our 2017 stock of the year contest, $GBTC, up a cool +1500%. We might as well crown “en1gma” champion today (email me your shipping address, I have a championship mug):


$NTDOY was my pick for 2017, and performed well in my IRA all year long– up over 100% at one point this year.  I’m currently still holding my position.

What will be my stock of the year for 2018? Stay tuned.

Off to play Super Mario. Merry Christmas all!

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The Best Stocks Into Year End

With the weekend upon us, let’s take a look at the Top 100 stocks inside Exodus. This week I did not use a single sort feature,  meaning regardless of volume, price, or profitability, here is the unedited Top 100 names inside our system: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100 RANKED STOCKS

Into year’s end, the above link will provide you with a good list of stocks to follow. My favorites from this week’s screen are found below. Have a good weekend all!


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Stocks To Watch This Week

It will be another light week for the Cajun, as I help my wife put the finishing touches on yet another small business. The timing of this actually works out great, because there’s not too much I like about the current market setup.

Bitcoin futures begin tomorrow, so expect more fireworks from digital currency and related stocks. My advice, avoid the whole space all together until people stop talking about it.

Now for some stocks to watch this week. Our Exodus hybrid screen produced 200+ tickers on Friday, which is a bullish sign. For those that have time, you may review the list HERE.

Some of My favorite setups to watch from Friday’s screen can be found below. Keep an eye on the following names this week:




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