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Nintendo Releasing Classic Super NES Before Christmas

The only reason I bring this up is that Nintendo, stock symbol $NTDOY, is my stock of the year for 2017. So far the company is hitting on all cylinders starting last year with their mobile game Mario Run.

Following Mario run, the company released the Classic Nintendo, which was impossible to find for Christmas. Then, spring of 2017 comes around, and the company releases a mega hit, The Switch Console, which is another product sold out everywhere.

News came last week that they were stopping production of the classic NES, which I thought was dumb, only to find out now they are releasing the Classic Super NES this year for Christmas.

I love what this company is doing, and still have it as my stock of the year, even up +20% for the year. The 2017 Stock of the year contest link can be found HERE.

Here’s a nostalgic video below for you old school gamers, that previews the Classic Super NES which is coming before Christmas:

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$TWLO Twillio Back To Squeezing Shorts

It’s been a long road over the last few months for Twillio investors with dilution after dilution. The stock has been in the dog house since November of last year, but is now recovering the 50 day moving average, a bullish sign for traders.

With the stock trending on stocktwits today, the ticker also made it to the runner screen inside Exodus. Let’s see if the bulls can hold the stock up today.

As for today’s full runner screen, today’s results can be found HERE. Some of my favorites, a few of which I bought this morning, include: FIT, SWN, GLUU, BLUE, WUBA, GOGO, JWN, & BITA

Follow along with live trading alerts inside our Exodus trading room. See you guys on the other side of iBC.

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Here Are Some Stocks To Watch As Your Recover From Easter Sunday

Here are some stocks to watch this week, all of which come from today’s hybrid screen inside our trading software Exodus. Today’s screen produced over 100+ names, even with the threat of World War III on the horizon. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve imported today’s screen to finviz: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

I’ve narrowed the list does to nine stocks. Here are my favorite charts to watch this week (I’m already long $GOOGL):

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Here’s Why Yandex Is Breaking Higher

$YNDX Yandex is active over on the stocktwits board as the company is catching some favorable comments from JPMorgan after settling the long awaited Android case with Google.

Backing out to a monthly view of Yandex’s stock chart, the stock is recovering the 50 period moving average, and looks favorable for higher prices. Have a look below:


Google also appears to be unfazed by the settlement, as the stock is is busting through both the 20 & 50 day moving average today. I’m currently long shares of $GOOGL:


Internet Search continues to be in a bull market.

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Murder On Facebook Live, Stock Rips Higher

There was a murder on Facebook Live yesterday, on Easter Sunday of all days, where a 37 old man lost it and decided to kill innocent people. I told myself not to watch the incident, as it was shared everywhere on Facebook, but I ended up watching it. It was more than disturbing.

Apparently this sick killer is still on the loose, somewhere in the area below:

It amazes me that the killer is still at large after what I saw yesterday. Why isn’t the media covering his whereabouts? The best live updates have been on Twitter if you have been following along.

As a result, $FB Facebook’s stock is trading back above the 20 day moving average, which is a bullish signal for investors:

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With today’s opening rip in $NFLX, I decided to take my position off the table with earnings due out after the bell. It may not be the smart move, but I do not care to game earnings here. The stock does look ready to breakout to new levels though (Oh, the dilemma).

Here’s the latest Consensus: CLICK HERE

As for other companies reporting this week, we have a few. Don’t lose a limb because you forgot to check your earnings dates. Study below:

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