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You know I am.  Today’s weakness is a good opportunity to look at your favorite names, the real winners, the ones that got away from you, the kippers, the big salamis, and draw out some risk profiles.

So far I’ve bought GS and RVLT.

I’m considering adding to my existing CREE repertoire, I will do so, slowly.

Remember AWK?  A blast form the past…I have my eyes on some for my slow money.

I sold off my FXY long, a pseudo hedge of sorts.  All the profits I had in the name could literally vanish with five or six words from SHINTZO ABE.  No thank you, I’ll talk my payday and move on.

I could be seen in the globex market shorting the $ES_F early on, it went well.


Cash levels have been reduced to a more reasonable 30 percent, which I’m eager to deploy into further weakness.

Think Zillow.


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These LED Companies Are Going To Make So Much Money

Every time I circle back on the prospects of LED technology I’m blown to bits by the size of this market and it’s supple virginity.  There are piles of money sitting all across the country, waiting to be gathered by the right group of prospectors.

I really don’t even like telling you about it too much, because I want it all for myself.

RVLT was on sale this week, I don’t doubt it will go on sale again.  And you should buy it, with great pomp and vigor.  When you go out tasting cocktails with your boyfriends you should brag about your RVLT shares.  When you’re playing grab ass in the parking lot, you should open your trunk and pass out the literature you’ve prepared discussing the future of the LED industry.

Get them in on it, be their leader you big homo.

Obviously CREE is a proof of concept, trading near all-time highs.  Of course they’re stealing the headlines nailing big time contracts with universities and municipalities.  But there’s so many other business out there, low hanging fruit, which will be snatched up at a rapid rate by none other than RVLT.

I think these jackasses are finally getting that, instead of trying to be the dude with the biggest patent, they need to focus on driving retro fits, driving the ball down the field if you will.

We can get cute and trade these stocks with our ADD, or we can grab our nuts and slap a flag on top of the mountain, MIEN!

You know I’m in bed with the German retards at AIXG.  You know I’m in bed with CREE.  What you don’t know is RVLT is my sexy mistress, wearing the most revealing dresses and the latest styling’s from Tom Ford.

Everyone’s still shortsighted on the LED industry, trust.

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The Money Is Out There

Are you man enough to take it?

There’s a cloud of electricity around Sir Raul this morning as I trade with near impunity.  It may just be these storms rolling through the D, turning the entire landscape to a shade of green that can only best be described as ELECTRIC.

Big, big day thus far.  Let’s run down the moves:

10 trades in the ES, 10 winners.  Flawless victory.

Sold 1/3 NBG at the open + 20 percent.  My ancestors are treating me right.  I’m a decedent of ZEUS.

Sold my NFLX lotto ticket at AM swing high, made a G.

Bought more SNDK lotto tickets, let it ride.

I closed out my RVLT.  I never love this name and wanted my 5 percent gain.  It could still go.

I bought ACHN from fly’s homeless post last night.

I bought SNE.

Let me elaborate on SNE.  It has a bearish-slanted head and shoulders pattern.  Very bearish.  The NIEKKEI had a tough week.  I think they’re going to drop the hammer on shorts.  How dare they question their economic experiment!  Japan doesn’t play pimp.  This is my rebound play to get involved with the action.

I like my China names going into a weekend of Chinese PMI data.  They’ll look to get global attention this week, I feel.  I’m long DANG and HMIN.

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How ‘Bout Them Royals?

We just wrapped up another neutral day in the spooz.  It’s funny, these neutral days, sometimes referred to as normal days, are very rare.  Yet here I am, for the third time this month bringing one to your attention.

The trade is so telegraphed, it’s treated me well.  I didn’t take it today because I was pulled into a meeting, but damn listen up: when you get a wide range during the first hour of RTH, then there’s range extension in one direction (today lower) then dynamic price action takes us ALL THE WAY to the other side of the profile and we get range extension in the other direction, there’s a HIGH probability price will return to the mean before doing anything else.  Awesome and amazing, yes yes yes?

Anyhow this type of session often precludes turning points in the market.  Hopefully, the turn is to the higher because I tossed on a bunch of risk into the bell.

I sold my AWK investment today.  It felt odd, I’ve held it for a very long time.  I feel without it, if you know what I mean.  But I’ve made so much in the name, it has come so far, and Yields Are Under Attack.  I booked it.  Remember, I swear no allegiance.

This put a ton of cash on the books and all the sudden I was almost 50 percent cash.  Down here!?  It was too much to bear <sic>.

I went shopping.

I bought DDD this morning, and then I bought more in the afternoon.  I don’t like this stock very much yet.  It has all the makings of a bull trap, if you ask me.  Why am I long then?  If it opens higher it will rip heads off.

I added to my RGLD long.  Sometimes, when you feel like taking profits, that’s the best time to buy more.

I bought RVLT.  It spiked hard.  RaginCajun highlighted it very quickly, I just clicked the button.  The stock is on my “always stalking” list.  I trimmed a bit of bread off to place on my table into the closing bell.

I added to my SNDK weekly options, $57.50 strike.  This stock, like DDD, is tricky in that it didn’t quite signal.  I would have liked to see yesterday’s high taken out.  Hand grenades and horseshoes I suppose.

I’ll either feel very smart, or very busy tomorrow morning—trading my way out of the paper bag I built.  Something about making money in these markets makes me want more. Patience.

I cut cash down to 25 percent.

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