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August is hustle month

Quick administrative note: last week I published the R.R.F. portfolio but my China correspondant and fellow R.R.F. architect ROBERTO BREGANTE was apparently not satisfied with his choices. These update have to be made Monday:


Anyhow, August is hustle month. I have been going over my notes from the last few years and apparently I have a habit of launching new ventures in August. I think it is some kind of natural trigger from hearing the crickets and cicadas. Their vibrations jolt me into some kind of urgency where I remember that winter is coming, and that if I am to get a project off the ground I’d better act soon before the call of the wild lures me back into the Canadian Rockies.

Maybe this winter I won’t be granted access to the sacred northern lands of Canada in which case I will set up base camp somewhere in the Tetons and explore the back country.

In any event now is the time to put projects in motion or they won’t be materialize and before I know it we’ll have taken another lap around the sun and I’ll have a few more greys in my beard with nothing to show for it.

I want to develop land lads. I come from a long line of builders and warriors and their heritage menaces me. I either need to fuck or fight or build otherwise I become an unruly citizen, prone to over aggression and other hedonistic impulses.

Regarding the global financal complex. Things are going well for us futurists. The coined bits had a strong showing over the weekend and all last week our True Institutions of Leadership, organizations like Alphabet and Amazon and Tesla and Apple, immortal beings that systematically erase archaic notions of national borders drawn by disgusting politicians in suit and tie, our True Institutions of Leadership closed out July strong.

When the NASDAQ wins, humble Raul wins. And all models point to a continued victory for Big Tech this first week of August.

That is all I have time for today. Models are bullish into the first week of August.

Cheers and trade’em well.

Raul Santos, August 2nd, 2020

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