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Friday The 13th Be Damned: The Models Are Bullish

The darkness has been making its presence known throughout several of the dystopian haunts of the city as we press into October.  Every day we look at the calendar in dismay because the weather has remained downright hot.  Nevertheless the ghoulish spirits that tend to show up this time of year are still up to their devious shenanigans.


And then we have this Friday, the 13th to deal with which drives superstitious people bananas.


Funny story—I followed a great numerology account over on the Twitter.  The guy was good, I mean he really drank the koolaid and believed he could see into the future with his number voodoo.  I can respect that, especially if it can be measured, his calls.  Because that which is measured is managed.  But the guy would not stop going on these hardcore alt-right rants at night.  Like the whole ‘false flag’ paranoia, and evil Soros this and meddling Jews that.  It totally ruined everything he had going on.  I had to un-follow the knucklehead.

Pro tip: if you ever feel the need to unfollow someone on social media, pen an extremely arrogant note to the person explaining why you are un-following them.  It will make you feel like a real jackass.

Moving on, the kind and trusting scientists at iBankCoin laboratory wasted no time this morning calibrating all the instruments inside Exodus to ensure an accurate reading.  And it turns out we are bullish, just like last week.  We do not expect any rambunctious rally.  Instead we are looking for more of a calm drift, perhaps with a slight upward bias.

Stock pickers heaven.  Maybe you go inside of the Pelican Room and see what those guys are knocking around.  Or just check out the momentum screen inside Exodus around 10:45am.

So we are not caring so much about Friday the 13th.  As scientists, we do enjoy seeing people take action based off of superstitions.  It brings us joy to see the fickle nature of our fellow sapiens.

The play might just be to turn the monitors off and take a heaping dose of nature.

Anyhow, those are our findings and fun anecdotes for Sunday.

Trade accordingly.

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