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TPX missed on the top and bottom line, took a big hit repatriating some money, and in general blew it. As did I.  Shares are down over 10 percent after hours.  For all intents and purposes, this stock has given back all of its 2013 gains.

Clearly the synergies have not taken effect.

I’ll be a seller tomorrow morning. It’s going hurt, like pulling out a nasty splinter.

I’ve relaxed my style quite a bit on this recent leg of the rally, and the market has stepped and cordially accepted my donations to the market.

If you remember back when I started this TPX trade back up, everything went swimmingly.  I made the position huge, but I took my first scale.  It was nice.  And it was all downhill after that sale.  I never had another pop or bounce or pump for me to lighten up into.  Perhaps this should have been my signal.

There were all kinds of phone calls and channel checks.  When I asked if business was booming, I was informed that was an understatement.

LISTEN: IN THIS GAME YOU HAVE TO RELY ON YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN ANALYSIS.  More importantly, when you’re in a hole, don’t expect anyone to reach down and pull you out.  You’re on your own.  Go tell someone your problems and they’ll put their palms out, “fuck you, pay me.”

And that’s fine because I like it that way.  We’re learning over here on the Raul blog, me and you… that earnings are to be respected.

You take a bet and when you’re wrong you move on.  So yes, I’ll be cutting this lost tomorrow morning and moving on.

The money made in FB should finance most of this loss.  My wheels continue to spin in the mud.

Now I must patiently find my next spot, my next winners.  You’re only as good as your last trade so I’ll be taking my time, tending to my existing hot irons, and remerging to crush the tape.

I don’t want your sympathy for even a second.  I knew what I was doing.  Let’s instead uncover the next big winner.

I like AMBA, very slowly.

I think we’ll get ANGI at better prices after today’s blood bath, and I like it.

Zillow is such a beast and I sold it way to soon.  May its earnings spook the investor community so we can reenter.

I still think AIXG can do wonderful things, but this thing trades awfully.

I like being long the Yen here too, oddly enough.

I’ll be mining The PPT this weekend to hone in on the money flows too.

I’m off to eat a slice of humble pie, served via a 40 mile bike ride.

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