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I am a trading fool. Should I even bother to explain my day? I think I will.

I started off nailed to the cross with OKTA down 20%. I had other SAAS stocks down in sympathy so I cleaned house and bulked up on my SQQQ and was down only 0.9%. I then went on a series of trades, whilst holding a 30% SQQQ position — going 20 for 20 at one point like a trading Merlin — but only reducing my losses to 0.45% because of the fucking CUNT SQQQQ.

Then I shed some luck and caught a few bad salmon — but the fucking SQQQ continued lower and I closed it out for a monstrous 3.9% loss and now stand before you down 1.2% on a day with stocks up 1.5%.

What else can I say, other than I am a terrible trader and make poor decisions. I should delete my account and fuck off for the rest of eternity for mucking up today. I do not deserve to ever trade again. I should just buy slices from Schwab and work as a fucking Target store decorator in the tranny department with the other CATAMITES.

By the way, happy pride day to all of my faggot readers out there.

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    you really get Bard’s attention with CATAMITES and it returns lots of… help lines for “modern day” CATAMITES.

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