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In spite of the late morning COLLAPSE and subsequent pull back in many of the SHIT names which were running earlier, I do not believe we are done with the extravagance.

There is a risk on aspect to this tape that you can’t just turn off. We aren’t just getting oversold stocks bounce, but thematic runs in specific areas of the market that speaks to energy and spirit amongst traders. People are actively hunting for names and through that hunt are ganging up and boosting share prices of the biggest pieces of shit known to mankind.

It’s very easy to be a bear, especially since the world is ending. Aside from that, stocks want higher.

I pulled back from session highs of +2.6%, now up +0.82% without hedges. I will now progress into said market in search for sport.

NOTE: The Feb quant is now up in Stocklabs.

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  1. soupbone

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Fly’s ability to change mindset is standing out here, in fact this is a pretty good example.

    Inflation fags love inflation and here it is. Doomed to ever higher prices, fuck the retirees and seniors while we’re at it. Jesus mess here.

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