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Incredibly Hot Market

Doing a little reconnoitering, it’s clear to me risk is very on. At the top of my agenda is to find volume delta breakouts near session highs. I had EBET and MVIS at the top of my lists yesterday — but opted not to get involved. I had FAZE, EXAI, and SLLG and made good money. The common denominator is, for whatever reason, they’re all in the same general industry.

Inside Stocklabs, I have things organized as such I am able to pull up entire sub lists of industries and monitor it like a proper Gentleman-Trader without having to worry.

These are the areas of interest to me now

Autonomous tech

Names include VERI, GAME, VS, DPRO etc

The list goes on and on. The point is, I happen to know what I am doing and this happens to be a hot market now being led by thesis trade — my core competency.

+254bps early going.

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