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I am not here to teach any of you anything. I am only here for self-aggrandizement — writing these things down for historical purposes. Once there lived a man called Le Fly and he traded to and fro — floated through the room amidst pomp and circumstance — bowling on his competition both real and imaginary.

My month to date stats.

Sometimes I might even give you the wrong advice on purpose in order to keep my trade secrets safe. It’s important that only I win and that my percentage gains outstrip all others. ¬†While at times necessary to show the public that I too can falter and complain on the blog about how finished I am and how I lost my trading touch, it’s important to sit back and behold the pageantry of it all — a long historical track record of excellence for all of you to gaze at and even duplicate — providing you’re a member of Stocklabs.

It is true, a great many of you, hundreds even, have been CHASED OUT of Stocklabs, mostly due to feeeeeeeelings of inadequacy or temporary delusions of grandeur, there are some of you former members out there I’d like very much to see again. For those whom are out there, and you know whom you are, find solace in knowing we have all transmorphed inside The Pelican Room — kicked out the racists and the BIG RUSSIA lobby in favor of a more genteel trading community of cigar smoking zealots.

What to expect going forward?

Higher stocks and even more degeneracy in areas of the market like LIDAR, AI, EV, autonomous tech etc. It’s like explaining the workings of the universe to an ape, really.

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