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It’s easy to believe this market drubbing is the beginning of the end for the bulls. Truth is, the trend has been up and even though the economy is now CONFIRMED in full collapse mode — we must assume the bulls will pull more rabbits out from their asses.

I closed down 2bps for the session — because true skill is being able to purposely trade to FLAT. My whole life I have either made lots of money or lost in stocks — so I am trying a new task of closing FLAT.

YTD, my gains exceed 5% and I closed with a large amount of hedges which will produce gains should market collapse at the open.

This evening we will once against request the creator of the universe to take time out of his busy schedule to CRASH THE FUCKING OPEN because Sodom deserves it.

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  1. soupbone

    Let it drift lower fast enough to take advantage of the great illustrious distraction in Davos. Where the grub is good and even white guys figure their dicks are swinging.

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  2. iflyjetzzz

    No, the market hasn’t been up on more than a very short timeline. Lower highs and lower lows. You’re drawing a line from the previous low to today; that’s crap analysis.

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