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We just peaked out at $31.4T and now the treasury will dip into reserves, which is usually about a month of non Ukrainian world spending. Very soon Congress will raise limit and we can get back to laying the groundwork for the total destruction of western finance and the dollar.

On the war side, there are so many things to be alarmed over — from Russian anti-aircraft batteries being placed on top buildings in Moscow to massive new weapons commitments to Ukraine to a seemingly insane cadre of comments from western leaders, on par with the nonsensical jargon heard during peak COVID forced vaccination times. It’s like these people really are lizards — not of human quality — and make decisions based upon their most severe insecurities.

If you asked me to take a guess on the chances of NATO entering a hot conflict with Russia I’d immediately say 100% chance.

Stocks look bad today, but nothing insurmountable. Breadth is at 40% and you can tell buyers want an excuse to buy more. I had closed out my 45% weighted hedges at the open but soon after reapplied a 20% of SQQQ to my 100% long book. I’m not sure if it’ll be a good trade or not but really do hope for the best, especially since I’m a good person and really do feeeeeeel I deserve to have more money.

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