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I’ve been playing with this Chatgpt all day, the google killer.

Here is a poem it created for me.

Very lovely.

Markets are doing a lot of nothing, quite boring which usually means a fucking rampage is just beyond the bend. I, however, am not closing out hedges because I have hope, hope for a grimmer future.

At any rate, not much to report. Breadth is 52% and things can go either way.

Wish me luck!

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  1. soupbone

    We have a series of lower highs in the S&P which means downtrend to the technicians. I can live with that definition. The sloping resistance lines they draw are hard to accept even though we just deflected down off one.

    The AI has been in industry for decades. Great at separating expected outcomes from ones affected by emotion or mistake. But mightn’t it also therefore be ‘motherhood’ in as far as being the average expected outcome from humans?

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