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I’d like to walk in an orchard now, pick apples from the trees and then throw them at people. Now that I have a printing press and can create wealth out of thinned air, I need to find secondary pleasures.

My gains are what I want them to be, currently +300bps in the Quant, +120bps in trading. I’m lacking there only because I haven’t tried. I just logged in for God’s sake. Give me some time. Life used to be hard and now it’s not. President Biden is the greatest President we’ve ever had and I hope he can make it for another 8 years.

I don’t have strong opinions on what sectors to buy or not to buy. Those are trivialities for the working class, plebs. You pie eaters ought to find someone who can feed you fresh fish and keep you healthy. Our govt needs your money to pay for higher stock prices the next 50 years or so. Got to keep you healthy.

At any rate, bored again. Off to make myself a double espresso.


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