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We Only Trade SPACs Now

There isn’t any downside to buying SPACs between $10 and $14. The whole point of these assclowns existing is to boost the value of the stock price. Why the fuck else would XYZ reverse merge into these shells? This is the current craze now and I’m seeing 10 added to the market every single day.

Naturally, this will eventually cause a magnificent crash, as the totality of the SPAC space encroaches on $100b in market cap. They’re all dicking around in the dirt for the next EV or AI or gene editing play. They’re all wholly intent on acquiring a company for MAXIMUM SHARE PRICE EXPLOSION.

Today I traded in and out of a half dozen, maybe more. I’m also just buying them now without any due diligence or even thought. I simply glance at one and accept its existence and then I buy it. I expect to sell all of my purchases for a minimum of 10% higher.

Today’s big winners were STPK and HCCH. But they’ll be plenty more. Literally nothing can stop it and I hope you’re all paying attention to the GREAT SPAC ATTACK OF 2020.

For the week, I was +7.1%.

Enjoy your weekend, plebs.

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  1. it is showtime

    Hi inner wall st CB circle


    I just named a number
    you cant get the S&P
    to hit. Can’t even touch.
    have a good day

    Reminder we identified
    …an NIH …-listed …virus collab …2014 15
    …US Wuhan. remarkably similar to covid.

    Unc chapel hill, Wuhan institute of virology
    BAT CORONAVIRUS shc014. results indicate replicates

    rederived infectious recombinant virus and demonstrate
    Think this is an organic event? Still? Savior vaccine scenario?

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  2. moosh

    I think I’m back on team showtime. How do you start the biggest stock bubble ever to exist? Fear. 4+ trillion cash sitting in mm. I’d imagine one input from the beginning would be to make all stock trades “free”

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  3. indexjoe

    This will never end

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  4. rigged game

    A fun exercise is to click on a historical link such as the following:


    Then after reading, go to the next several posts by clicking on the
    right-hand link “next” which is just below Fly’s comments.

    Lotsa premature ejaculations will show up in “comments”.

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