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Markets Will Recover, Eventually

This isn’t the crash that I was born to trade. This is a trap. The second you dive headlong into that oasis of blood in front of you, your head will split in two and your portfolio will be atomized.

During market squalls like these, it’s important to remember previous squalls and how all of them turned out. While this go around we’re all “on edge” due to the constant leaks of Hunter Biden dick pics by nefarious Chinese people with unknown agendas, the likelihood that a Biden admin would in fact neuter the Federal Reserve is next to zero.

This is America, the final chapter, the end of the empire — profligate spending edition. People will suffer and sacrifices will be made. But sex crazed perverts will still peruse the digital properties of MTCH and wealthy Americans will continue to snatch up prime real estate properties outside of cities.

I am flat for the day, trimmed a few badly performing stocks and replaced them with better ones. My quant is sharply higher, indicative of a strong under current in the tape.

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