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Let’s peruse, if you will, some of this morning’s headlines.

Record jobs gain of 4.8 million in June smashes expectations; unemployment rate falls to 11.1%

American Airlines says it’s overstaffed by 20,000 employees for fall schedule

Oil demand to return to pre-pandemic levels by 2022, Goldman says

House passes bill that funds $10 billion in grants for child-care facilities

Epstein friend Maxwell arrested on sex abuse conspiracy, perjury charges

Cramer: Blowout jobs gains reflect an ‘optimism’ in U.S. seldomly reported

Ford sales fall 33.3% in the second quarter due to coronavirus

Manhattan apartment sales worst on record, biggest plunge in 30 years


In a clown world, anything can happen. We’re neither hot or cold, fast or slow, good or bad. We just coexist and coast higher on the never ending rollercoaster of RIGGED markets and toxic politics — divisive, cancerous, and demoralizing.

Imagine now investing in stocks?

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  1. narcist

    Every talking head on Bloomberg was saying higher right after 8:30 while their people were unloading.

    Rigged indeed.

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  2. peaches

    I downloaded Robinhood last week.

    First off. This is the future. Anyone can buy anything and make any trade. Kids in Coney Island Projects whose only ticket out of there was pretending to be a rapper while selling drugs or robbing drug dealers can now get the capital to pull off iron condors on any underlying after flipping one box of newports. Millenials are idiots. We sit here and bitch and complain and feel better than the rest of you because we can set up our iphones twice as fast as the rest of you.

    The next generation is skipping college working at subway and investing $50 bucks a month and putting it all on out of the money options on leveraged index ETFs. There is a whole army of kids with 3rd grade reading levels who are going to become options beasts. They live entirely inside of the nightmare scenario most of you call my personality disorder.

    Whatever kool-aid I drank in my teens these kids have clearly been vaping 24/7.

    In honor of the future greatest generation… I bought a fuckload of calls on biopharma stocks that IPO’d less than a year ago. Now I have money. I think this is how it works. I will be richer than all of you in 6 weeks, or broke by next week. No way I am making a SECOND deposit into a robinhood account.

    I am now a robinhood degenerate. Which means this is the top. now buying calls on TZA stock. Ever put an 8-ball in a carton or Tropicana orange juice??

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  3. ha

    Gut feel only – no evidence
    There will be more riots – for any reason or no reason – as the states continue to press their re-lock down agenda’s. They will never be forthright and state that the financial and physical lockdowns are to be permanent. They will continue to string everyone along.

    They say when cattle are confined for long periods of time or feel threatened, something as simple as the sound of a twig breaking can cause a stampede.
    I guess we will find out.

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  4. soupbone

    Disinflation and easing monetary policy calls for stock market investments. But I doubt the transition from disinflation to deflation has been digested yet, couldn’t have been. Companies are going to go belly up, many companies.

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  5. pecon

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  6. haknolifye

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