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Here’s What’s Working and What’s Not in Early 2020

Worst thing you can do is think you’re special and buy a basket of down stocks. Only retards do that. Flock with the rest of the sheep, try to front run their next move, and get out quickly. When screening for stocks, it’s important to make a comprehensive list of names that are GOING HIGHER, not lower. This isn’t rocket science.

Here are the standout sectors of 2020, thus far.

Residential Construction +8.5%
Alt Energy +8%
Home Healthcare +8%
Application Software +7.6%
Software and Security +7.5%

Electronic stores -16%
Silver -8.4%
Drug Stores -7.6%
Oil and Gas exploration -6.8%
Aluminum -5.6%

Simple enough, ain’t it? Commodities and retail are out, healthcare and tech are in, with an outlier in the homebuilders.

What about the broader view, by sector?

Here is the data.

Utilities +1.4%
Basic Materials -2.6%
Consumer Goods +1.1%
Financials +1%
Healthcare +3.4%
Industrials +2.7%
Services +1.8%
Tech +4.4%

Clear enough?

It’s of course possible that some of the losers will reverse and trend higher, but you’re better off waiting for confirmation instead of attempting to time a bottom. Remember, only losers time bottoms. We can do it in Exodus because we have advanced mean reversion algorithms with over a decade of real trading data. If you’re not a member, you have none of that shit and generally suck at trading.

I made some cheese’d steaks for the fam. I, myself, did not partake because I don’t eat large amount of carbs. “The Fly” is a muscle machine now and only thinks about wellness, fitness, and winship these days — no booze, no pipe tobacco, no nothing. Fucking austerity rains supreme at House Fly and there isn’t any time or room for fun.

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  1. moosh

    Lol, no nothing. That even seems to encompass coffee?? Holy shit, God speed. Love me some silver. Thanks fly

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  2. it is showtime

    Here’s what’s working

    S&P 500 Price to Sales Ratio

    Normalized around 2013-2015
    Full throttle bullshit to present
    Corroborating that the stretching of index values is all that’s happening

    Zipping out of previous range to peak absurdity in recent months. At 2.41
    boombust condition

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  3. rigged game

    Post a real name and E-Mail of somebody who made money
    TRADING stocks over the long run I’m talking about compound rates of return above 8% over the past 20 years, and never lower than 5% over ALL 5-year periods during the last 20 years.

    Otherwise, I call BULLSHIT. The only way to CONSISTENTLY
    make money in the stock market is to buy and HOLD several stocks
    (say 10 or more), and have a holding period of at least two years.

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  4. mrcharlie

    Zero booze?? Not even a gimlet? whatever the fuck that is lol

    Fly, what about the play for lithium now that demand may go up in China due to phase 1 trade deal? Did some digging in Value Line and found HLIT….and of course the usual SQM and ALB….thanks

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