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Towards the end of trade I bought some TR, ED, and DLR. I did so because I expect old man stocks to do well in a low rate environ. Listen to me now — the market is on the precipice of complete annihilation. President Orange is soon to chimp out so hard, President Xi is bound to open his own Twitter account and tell him to fuck off.

I am aptly prepared, cash, inverse ETFs, old man stocks — the works!

The only thing I’m lamenting now is this fucking Chinese coffee shoppe nonsense — LK — knifing lower as if the entire country stopped consuming coffee. I averaged down today and the stock plunged for a second time after I bought it. This is getting ridiculous. I should’ve stopped out — but instead I knuckled down and ate more.

Nothing can save you — not even the black flag. After you’re good and dead, your bones will be crushed and flesh decomposed and turned into fertilizer for my crops.

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  1. awanka

    Call down fiery judgement upon this sinful pig, Mr. Fly. Burn me into crispy bacon!

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  2. tradingnymph

    I am really watching the EU Elections…there is SO MUCH that can go wrong with them as everyone is moving towards populist views.

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