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Futures Are Up — But Look at All These Sectors in Correction Territory

While you bozos leverage up the account for a big bounce off the bottom, Mother Market is roasting your fucking balls in hell.

Look at all of these sectors in correction territory. You’d have to be a madman to dive in headlong here.

Trump is also insane, and that’s not saying much. He’s now gallivanting throughout the country telling folks the trade war is helping the economy. I don’t know what to believe anymore. But this god damned tape should be down 30% from the top — yet everyone is here calmly and glibly positioning for a fantastic summer run.

I hope you all get what you deserve, and more.

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  1. jacked rabbit

    Our fabulous, Majestic big-balled economy is actually two balls. The fabulous, Majestic big-balled one that houses those who take part in the stocked market and tax cuts. Not many people are in that ball. That ball is tight, firm and ready to explode in glory.

    The rest of the country is packed together in a shrivelled up, funky smelling ball. Most living in this ball are trying to take what pennies are left scattered around this past peaked ball. There is no glory, no help and no explosion. This ball is dying a slow, methodical and painful death.

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