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Semis Enter Bear Market — Industry in Ruins as China Trade War Intensifies

Admittedly, that title is click-bait AF. Truth is, the semis are going down pretty hard, but not in ruins — at least not yet.

Here’s all you need to know. INTC is down 25% the past month and NVDA -18%. These are staggering losses, considering VIX is sub $20 and everyone is complacently waiting for stocks to regain it’s upward bias — back to new highs.

Perhaps there is something to learn from all this — or no?

Top longs: TVIX, DRIP, NUGT, FAZ.

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  1. steveplace

    i leave for a week and you’re already back up in the FAZ-mobile?

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  2. acehood

    How’s AMD doing?

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