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Earnings Season is Upon You; Prepare for Grande Fuckeries

The entire move lower in the Dow this morning is due to MMM’s miss. Who cares, really?

On the Nasdaq side, things look great — thanks to FB and MSFT. Here are some random news items that caught my attention.

These fuckers are positioning themselves nicely. Stock could run from here.

NEW AGE BEVERAGES CORPORATION (NBEV) announced the global launch of their CBD product portfolio, with the unveiling of their line and shipment of their CBD creams, lotions, and oils to be sold worldwide under its Health Sciences Division.

This complete asshole from BH is at it again. If you’re unfamiliar with Biglari, the young punk who thinks he’s Warren Buffett trying to takeover CBRL, a far superior franchise, in a hostile manner — it’s hilarious. This morning they’re demanding a special divvy.

Cracker Barrel: Biglari Capital affirms 14.7% active stake, sends letter to the Board demanding the company pay a special dividend of at least $3.75 per share and agree to meet face-to-face to explore a ‘potential, mutually advantageous transaction’

Big tech news

Microsoft on call guided Q4 rev in-line after blowing out Q3 estimates; guided double-digit revenue and operating income for FY20

Bad tech news

Xilinx downgraded to Hold at Needham on potential multiple compression risk (139.72)
Needham downgrades XLNX to Hold from Buy. XLNX’s F4Q19 results were in-line to slightly better than Street estimates. However while F1Q20 revenue guidance was above Street consensus, GM guidance was well below the Street’s estimates. Solid F4Q19 results were driven by continued strength in the Wireless Comms business, which accounted for all of the F4Q19 growth in Comms as the Wired business was slightly down Q/Q. While Comms growth has been impressive, firm was concerned XLNX’s valuation multiple may compress due to risks including a deceleration in Wireless Comms reflecting the encroachment of baseband ASICs, the potential for inventory corrections should 5G deployments outside of Korea be delayed and the decline in GM in F1H20. As a result, they are downgrading XLNX shares to Hold from Buy and moving to the sidelines until the multiple compression risks can be mitigated.

The XLNX news is a bummer — but I’m not sure it means much, unless other semis come out and warn. Judging by the market’s behavior, I don’t think earnings will be bad this quarter. I’ll be fishing for trading ideas.

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    Looks like NBEV is flexin thei muscled with that recent Walmart blurb. Yo Fly whats up with THCT why is that all of a sudden poppin after tanking so much?

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