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FLASH: US and Allies to Condemn China for Corporate Espionage

Good morning lads.

Here is this morning’s bad news.

US and allies will soon condemn China for stealing IP. Rod Rosenstein will be naming names soon.

Legendary hedge fund manager David Tepper said the Fed told Wall Street “The Fed put is dead” and suggested moving to cash.

And perma-bull Bob Doll from Nuveen said the Fed went from “huge friend” to a “bit of an enemy.”

Lastly, oil is down 3.1%.

I know you’re looking at the market, thinking “this isn’t so bad.”

Let’s me stop you right there.

Oil is down 3.1%.

More importantly, HYG is sharply lower again.

DO NOT CATCH THE KNIFE. You’re gonna get cut.

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  1. Lyndon Keltner

    @Fly We’re getting near (or, at least nearer) the North Dakota break even price on crude.

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