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Kicked Out Some Gold Stocks — Bought $FB

Try to stop me and I’ll rip your arms out from your sockets and bludgeon you to death.

I sold NUGT, KL, and AU, for gains ranging from 7.5% to 11%. With some of the proceeds, I bought some FB. Fucker is breaking out clean. Rationale for the moves, two fold.

1. The oscillator for gold inside Exodus is extended.

Plus, I was heavily overweight the sector. I now hold just EGO and EXK.

Secondly, FB is posting a white or hollow candle today. What does this mean, fuckers? Means plenty.

I’d bet my nuts FB jimmies higher and soon.

All in all, I still have my FAZ, DRV and DRIP positions, kept in the event we reverse and plunge again. Plus, I think oil and banks are somewhat unique in their misery. I have 20% cash, cautiously optimistic for this rally to continue, yet reticent, gloomy, and also doomful.

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