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Futures Are Soft; But Expectations Are Hard AF

I know many of you are saddened by this morning’s news — Sears has been shot dead and is now bankrupt. What will America do without the haunted hall of Sears, festooned with bad appliances, ugly clothes, and filthy mattresses? More importantly, once the stores are finally shuddered and closed for good, what will the shopping malls do with the space?

How about laser tag? That’s always a fun thing to do. When my kids were younger and liked to do things, I’d take them to a laser tag place in Jersey and we’d run around like animals for hours — Fly being a sniper and all — making the kill because I was part of a team, an elite squadron of laser tag shooters, and we needed the win. Now the kids parlay on their phones throughout the day, gossiping about nonsense — living the life.

Futures are soft this morning; but you can feel the Autumn winds settling down now and the brisk coolness of October moderating. It won’t be long now until stocks reverse and barrel higher. Can one barrel higher?

At any rate, my favorite stocks to watch will be pot (TLRY, NBEV) and a wide array of SAAS stocks. To be able to select good stocks, as opposed to bad ones, isn’t important now. Everything will shoot higher in a convoy. The trick now is to time being “all in” perfectly to maximize exposure to a bottoming out tape.

More on this later. Happy Monday.

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