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Adding to My Perfectly Legal and Healthy Drug Obsession

The market is going thru a sundry of issues now. While it fetters out what it wants to do, I’ll be here buying perfectly legal and very healthy drugs. The more you smoke, the healthier you get.

I’m already long NBEV, NEPT and TLRY and have now added to CGC.

What wonderful charts!

With CGC, this is a high confidence trade for me. As a matter of fact, should I lose money on this ordeal, I’d be willing to chop my own head off on live television. This is just to show you my level of commitment to the stock game. How many other bloggers are willing to remove one’s head, just to prove a point?

ZERO, I bet.

At any rate, all of my SAAS stocks are lower and I am very sad faced about that. I did sell my TZA hedge for a 2.5% loss and now find myself saddled with 40% cash, 100% confidence in the cannibai drug trade.

UPDATE: I doubled up on NBEV. Cash now 35%.

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