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If You Believed Turkey Would Stop the Madness, Noose Yourself

This headline might result in the thought police on Twitter banning my account — but that’s fine, because it’d be worth it. How many times do I need to remind you that being a contrarian is being a fucking asshat? How many times do I need to remind you that NOTHING can stop the madness, not Trump, not China, and certainly not Turkey.

The math was simple. If a trade war with China could not stop stocks, why the fuck did you think a shithole like Turkey could?


FREE MONEY ALERT: Buy GWRE here an sell for the hundy roll thru $106. I have no position.

In summary, I sold BILI and YEXT today, bought PCTY and raised a little cash. I have several irons in the fire, none of which are so hot they must be removed from said fire.

The stock Gods are nothing, absolute shit. I spit on them and mock them all the time. I say this because I am invincible and nothing can stop my trading progress, which is both supreme and glorious. Everything you think you know about the market, I already know. Tomorrow I will make even more money, and the stock Gods will be laughed at and spit upon again.

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  1. it is showtime

    Spoiler alert,
    The ship did sink. It goes down. Sinks.

    People die. Others wish they died.

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  2. soupbone

    all Trump does is inflationary. hence inflation. the federal reserve will be blamed.

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