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“The Fly” Is Invincible

Turkey cannot stop the feast we’re about to enjoy.

I sold SWCH — because they report earnings. I booked a 2% win there. My quant fund was down a tenth of one percent. My active account was fine, as I have a triple sized position in HUBS, double in both ZEN and TEAM and they haven’t gone lower today. In other words, I am invincible.

Today was merely a sandwich opportunity day. I hope you slept thru the drama and ignored the tweets hating on Tesla. Markets will resume their merry ways higher tomorrow — you can bank on that.

I’m a little upset because I missed out on this NANO trade. Other than that, I had a fun day watching people play themselves retarded.

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  1. it is showtime

    Dammit greece and turkey -and- japan are fucked?
    I really wanted Greece to take the spillover award

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