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After today’s market activity of unbridled buying, I’m fresh out of dollars. I have nothing left, a peasant amongst thieves and scoundrels.

Won’t you loan me some of yours so that I can purchase more stocks?

It’s so great living without fear, knowing full well that tomorrow all of my holdings will press higher, producing fresh nectar for me to drink. I’m quite thirsty and require a good bit of nectar.

In the after-hours session, Dow futures are +50, Nasdaq +17 — paving the way for yet another fun filled day of speculation.

Why, just yesterday I posited the question of whether or not we were pricing in a 2019 recession, with Utes and bonds leading. But today everything is fine and my triple upside position in IQ made me feel quite good, warm, and safe. The market is often a cold place, unforgiving and antagonistic. But this market is kind, gentle, and generous.

If you’re not making coin in this tape, you’re plainly retarded — and that’s ok. Come inside Exodus and let me show you how professionals deal with such tapes.

Cheers to the professionals!

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  1. acehood

    Eem:iwm – keep that chart on your screens

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    • ironbird

      The “Emerging Markets” is a thousand year old meme. Wake up. Emerging from what? Being retarded for eternity. No wheel. Fucking shitcoins.

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