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Canada Passes Bill to Legalize Weed for Recreational Purposes — Prepare to Get High

One could always count on the royalists from the north to partake in grand acts of degeneracy. For such a small, minuscule, insignificant nation, it talks a big game and does a lot of crazy shit. It’s like a giant trailer park of people living in America’s attic.

The Senate passed the bill to legalize pot, which now goes to “royal assent” for finalization. What in the fuck is royal assent and why are they using the vernacular of a monarch. Is there a fucking King of Canada, and if so, who is this gent?

Bill C-45 now moves to royal assent, the final step in the legislative process. That could occur within days at the government’s discretion. The government’s desire to see home grown marijuana permitted across Canada eventually prevailed, and a proposal from the Senate to allow provinces and territories to ban them has been stripped from the final bill.

“We have witnessed today a very historic vote that ends 90 years of prohibition, that’s historic. It ends 90 years of needless criminalization, it ends a prohibition model that inhibited and discouraged public health, and community health approaches in favour of ‘just say no.’ Approaches that simply failed our young people miserably,” independent Senator Tony Dean said after the vote.

But not all Senators were happy with it.

“This bill does not do what the overarching goal says it does, which is to reduce the marijuana use among young people,” Tory Senator Leo Housakos said. “The message for me is be very cautious, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. Educate yourself, and take cautious steps because what you do today will invariably have an impact on your life for years to come.”

Might I add, Le Fly enters tomorrow long a Canadian pot stock, CGC, which is sharply higher in after hour’s trade.

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  1. ironbird

    The West ultimate Trojan Horse. That shit they have made into fucking gummie bears for the ones that never considered or needed weed. Throw in the fucking Prozac and Tranny training. It is over.

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  2. BenCBrainard

    “It’s like a giant trailer park of people living in America’s attic.” Lmao, this is why you’re a daily read. haha

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  3. 99 lead balloons
    99 lead balloons

    I live in vancouver which is epicenter. I must smell weed 100 times a day. Everywhere you go.

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