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If You Truly Love Dad, You’ll Get This For Him This Father’s Day

Last year I published two books about my days swashbuckling through the dot com era, going from rags to riches and right back to rags. They are books of the most distinguished varietal and I only tell you this because many of you have no idea I’d written them. As you know, I am a very humble man and shy at the specter of self-promotion. But these two books were written with grit, lots of mud and charred pieces of bacon, and hard whiskey. They are books befit for men, and also women who fancy themselves as men.

“The Fly” does not discriminate.

Do yourselves a favor now and buy the printed versions of these fine pieces of historical literature, before I raise the prices to $1,000 per copy and make them scarce. They’re also donned with RARE ART, which might become splendidly valuable in the future.


Off to smoke a cigar, and act like a man.

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  1. batting1000percent

    Dear Fly,

    Would you consider doing an audio book with you as the narrator? I think that would be epic. Thanks you.

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  2. wubba wubba

    Yes, try acting like a man for once.


    Wubba Wubba Woo Woo

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