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BEHOLD the Wonders of Allergy Season

I always quiz the landscapers if they’re allergic to the planet like I am and they never are. I suppose they wouldn’t be cutting grass and getting bit by ticks all day if they were. As a young boy, I’d always find myself getting sick around my birthday — May 25th. I recall countless times being in a haze while playing baseball around this time of year, always chalking it up to catching the flu or a cold.

The first year of being a stockbroker, I remember vividly opening 2 new accounts on my birthday and I was sick as a fucking dog. I went home early that day and celebrated over tequila and antibiotics.

Truth of that matter is, I was a fucking moron all of those years, succumbing to stupidity on a grandiose level. I was never sick, per se, but allergic to the planet, or pollen. I actually had to redpill a friend of mine about his seasonal sickness a few years ago and much to his surprise he felt better, almost immediately, following a dose of anti-histamines.

Last year was the only year in well over 15 that I did not suffer from debilitating allergies. Often times I am awoken by them and sneeze for an hour straight, scrambling like a fool on a stool for a Claritin pill to help me live like a normal human being. The reason why I escaped allergies last year is because I skipped gardening. Typically I buy $1,000 worth of plants per annum. I take said plants and toss them into holes I dig in my garden beds. I’d then water them and feel good about them for a few weeks, and then watch them die over the next 8 weeks because I get mad at the water bill, which makes me turn off the irrigation system and then I often forget to water them in time to save them.

I’m a busy guy and don’t have time to water fucking plants.

The secret to feeling better this time of year is to be a hermit, take an anti-histamine pill every single day, regardless of symptoms — and never, ever, fucking garden. I recall a story that was once told to me about Mr. T, during his prime, and how he moved into a very posh Chicago suburb. Like me, Mr. T, aka Clubber Lang, suffers from allergies and he wasn’t having none of that shit in his new suburban mansion. Word is, much to his neighbors dismay, he chopped down all of the trees on his property and had his entire backyard turned into a concrete jungle, in order to avoid sneezing during pollen season.

You can do that, or simply hole yourself up tight for the next month or so and only veer out into the public during rainy days and/or the night — just like a vampire.

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  1. mongoosereflexes

    I feel ya on this Fly. Relatable post 1

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  2. macpatton

    Look into using Spirulina. UC Davis did a study using Earthrise brand and had good results showing that it reduced histimines. My wife used to drive me crazy in the spring and fall with nasty symptoms. The spiralina, 3 grams a day, made a big difference.

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  3. madness

    Appears Mr T doesn’t like trees full stop.

    Besides above noted incident at his mansion, there was the time he chopped down 70 trees when he was in the Army.

    “…In July 1976 his platoon sergeant punished him by giving him the detail of chopping down trees during training camp at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, but the sergeant did not specify how many trees that were to be cut down — so T single-handedly chopped down over 70 trees in the span of three and a half hours before being relieved of the detail….”

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  4. metalleg


    Here’s the remedy…

    1. Claritin D, either 12 or 24 hour.
    2. Flonase

    Allergy problem solved.

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