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In Honor of Le Fly’s Upcoming Birthday, I Grant Thee Free Trials

Just so you know, I’ll be 42 on the 25th of May — giving me just 5.5 years left on this site. When I started blogging in my 20s, I always said the age limit was 47.5; anything older than that deserves to be euthanized. If you’re not secluded in some mountainous village away from the world by the age of 50, you’re living life wrong. No one wants to see old people anymore — that shit is played out. I get it from my kids all the time. I’m an ancient man, a relic from another era and their way is better. Playing video games all day on a 5 inch screen is far superior to hitting fast balls over a park fence and into a bay across the street, tipping one’s hat as he trots across the bases and his enemies on the opposing team lament in their humiliating misery. I am sure placing a ring onto the nose of a shark in some shit-fun game is better.

Having said that, I still have a few years left here until I retire to the green fields of Romania.

Starting now thru this weekend — I’m handing out fresh Exodus free trials. Come check out the upgrades we’ve made to the software, the piped in data, Sharpe ratio tools, and of course my Quant strategies.

Because I now operate with a skeleton crew, you’re gonna have to email me and say hello in order to gain access. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.

[email protected]

Good day gents, ladies.

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    it is showtime

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    it is shittime

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