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Happy Pre-St. Paddy’s Day: I Stand Before You a Successful Man

On this holy day ahead of St. Paddy’s Day, I’d like to cordially invite all of you to pretend that you’re Irish for a day, drink copious amounts of beer, eat some fatty meats, and beer boiled potatoes and cabbage, and river dance in your homes until you pass out like a drunken goat.

As is customary at House Fly, I am throwing a party, replete with lots of Smithwicks and Guinness beer — corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and soda bread to break up the fat and the booze. While you’re feasting and drinking, you should only be playing Irish Celtic music like what I have below.

As for success, I cannot describe the happiness I felt when I woke up and bore witness to SEED +30% in the pre-market. I am sure there is news, something ado with Frankenfood on the blockchain — but I don’t give a shit. I merely accept these gracious gifts, tip my hat, and jog on into the sunrise river dancing with a fucking stout in tow.

On a side note, the most memorable St. Paddy’s Day I ever had was in 2004, bar hopping in NYC with my cold caller — who had come back from the war in Iraq. Imagine 20-30 US Marines swashbuckling through the city, at the time considered victorious heroes, charging into pubs singing the songs of Ireland. It was indeed a scene to behold.

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  1. shlongbong

    Yesterday -23%, today +23%. Wow much win, such brag, such win, many wows

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  2. mushroomz

    Top of the morning, beautiful day down in Texas country. Keep the stories and anecdotes coming.

    Slap a cuck. Roast a fatted duck. Cheers.

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  3. nemesis

    Extra Guinness today(yes I’m starting early) courtesy of Dr. Fly via SEED.Thanks, and Cheers.

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  4. speerothekid

    That 2004 day sounds like my Saturdays every week

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