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May the Gods Bless the Stock’d Market and Enrich Your Sheets with Profits

I told you the market could not be stopped. It is virtually impossible to stop a thing in motion like this.

I sold out of KBSF for a ~25% gain today and haven’t done anything else, fearing the gyrations of the market might force me into error. I’m still holding those great beautiful inverse ETFs, like a fool, with only TZA hammering me in a hole. Both FAZ and SOXS are near my basis and only serve as a reminder that something was awry with stocks last week.

Trannies are strong today and basic materials are under pressure. The overarching them, however, is higher prices and money to be made for those who are long mega cap stocks.

It is a fact, the smaller the market cap, the smaller the gains. From a quantitative perspective, if you’re not long mega cap stocks in size, you’re doing it wrong.

Tomorrow is the last day for Exodus free trials. If you want a final look before the doors are slammed shut, email me at flybroker at gmail dot com.

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