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Come Get Your Fresh Morning Blockchain

Some bullshit Twitter account tweeted that SECO got some sort of blockchain certificate, whatever the fuck that means. Briefing.com and other news wires ran it and now SECO, “the Ebay of China”, is bidding +40% in the pre-market.

This shit is easy — you don’t even need news anymore — just innuendo of blockchain greatness.

We got some other blockchainers up in the pre-market, such as DPW, COGT and many others — but SECO is the hot runner. There will be more, rest assured. Whenever you see a stock lifting on high volume, a blockchain is likely not far behind.

Yesterday I did some research and discussed possible future blockchainers in Exodus, but many are low volume turds. Truth is, if you don’t get that blockchain crack, you’re left holding a flaming bag of shit.

As far as real companies go, I’m waiting for an LC blockchain announcement to get that stock past $10. I realize the stock is $4, but we are talking blockchain here lads, sure a double in price isn’t too much to bargain for when we are talking #NewParadigm — you avocado eating filthy slobs.

Good morning.


Ripple and MoneyGram Partner to Modernize Payments Pilot will use digital asset XRP to lower costs and increase payment speed, DALLAS, and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ripple, provider of the leading enterprise blockchain solution for payments, has partnered with MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), one of the world’s largest money transfer companies, to pilot XRP in their payment flows. As part of this agreement, both companies will also explore MoneyGram’s integration into Ripple’s ecosystem through xVia. MoneyGram Logo (PRNewsfoto/MoneyGram) MoneyGram will pilot the use of XRP, the native digital asset of the XRP Ledger, in payment flows through xRapid, Ripple’s solution for on-demand liquidity. XRP remains the most efficient digital asset for payments with transaction fees at just fractions of a penny, compared to Bitcoin fees of about $30 per transaction. Similarly, the average transaction time for XRP is 2-3 seconds with other top digital assets ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. Money transfer companies, like MoneyGram, allow people to safely and efficiently send cross-border payments to friends, families and business partners. The current model for these payments requires money transfer companies to use pre-funded accounts across the globe to source liquidity. Newer blockchain technologies have the potential to revolutionize this process and optimize capital deployment. “The inefficiencies of global payments don’t just affect banks, they also affect institutions like MoneyGram. Money transfer companies are incredibly important because they help people get money to their friends and loved ones,” said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple. “We are excited about this pilot and a long-term strategic partnership with MoneyGram. By using a digital asset like XRP that settles in three seconds or less, they can now move money as quickly as information.” For MoneyGram, the second largest money transfer company in the world, this strategic partnership will allow them to understand how blockchain technology and XRP can improve the efficiency of their global treasury operations and consumer experience. Alex Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of MoneyGram, said, “Every day blockchain technology is changing the norm and encouraging innovation. Ripple is at the forefront of blockchain technology and we look forward to piloting xRapid. We’re hopeful it will increase efficiency and improve services to MoneyGram’s customers.”

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    Ripple announces partnership w Moneygram


    More announcements to come

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