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It all makes sense to me now. I feel like Neo from the Matrix, at the end when the bullets are whizzing towards his brain. You cannot stop the Bitcoin, but only hope to contain it. All of your stocks are hideously retarded and you should neck yourselves for having money in stocks instead of coins.

Being the owner of iBankCoin, I feel it is my duty to let you know this.

Also, Bitcoin just past 17,000. How’s them apples, fucked face? Note: BTC hit a high of 19,600 today.

Sadly, this is only a Bitcoin party, as the rest of the cryptofags are getting inexorably beat down.

Have a look.

Quite sad, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’m sure this pullback is a buyable dip and all of you nerds will be making computer money again.

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  1. wolfdaddy

    All you hodl faggots are going to learn a big lesson on blow of tops today, IMO.

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  2. Marc David

    It’s scary that you wrote and posted this as it goes past $17k and now it’s slightly past $18k.

    Bitcoin is worthless?

    So are my useless shares of Twitter at $32.

    Although one could argue you can take a tax loss on your shares.

    One might argue you can take a causality loss on a bitcoin loss like losing an asset such as a bicycle?

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  3. silky

    Just took me 45 minutes to access my Coinbase account, null errors, incorrect codes, 2 factor authentication failure etc…. Took over a hour to sell my position. That’s when it was going up, image the uproar that’s going to take place when people can’t sell when this is crashing. $3,000 difference in price when I tried to access my account and actually executed the sell.

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