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Quant Day: Another Week of Outperformance

I got to make this quick, as I am on the run — fam related.

For the week, Exodus Quant netted 0.02% — which is a nothing-burger — but still better than the -0.10% for the SPY. Chalk up another week of outperformance. Small caps broke higher this week, which means I reallocated to smaller caps. Also, I went long TLT and GLD at 5% each. This is my risk aversion hedge that only triggers when it is alpha.

On the discretionary side, oil is higher, ergo, my oil shorts in DRIP and RUSS are lower. I am not in the least bit concerned and have no interest in selling before mid next week. It’s worth noting, DRIP was higher by 6.1% for the week and is still conformably above my basis.

As for UVXY, it’s a god damned rounding error, 3% here, 9% there. The ETF is lower by only 3% for the week. One does not go long triple upside VIX and expect to see calm returns. The point of UVXY is for surprise rape — which hasn’t happened.

HMNY and FIZZ continue to show signs of life and LABD wants to break out — because biotech is old and fat — just like your Dad.

My BAC short will work, only if yield curves continue to flatted, and VERI is a fucking lunatic — but I am willing to be a little patient with it.


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  1. dan dangerdance

    Thanks for your FIZZ call. I made money from that…finally, not that I’m sharing any of the $$ with you or buying any of the products you sell, because I am a free-loading cunt. Now, fuck off and have a great weekend.

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  2. og

    I sold SQ yesterday. That was dumb.

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