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A Brief Overview of Exodus for Free Trial Loafers

Tomorrow I have appointments all throughout the morning. I intend to cough upon these people and make them gravely ill with whatever I’m afflicted with.

For supper, I believe that I ate some shrimp toast, a veggie taco, and maybe a dried fruit. Mostly, I’m sustaining off a bread and potato diet, becoming something of a fucking potato head in the process. I do not kid myself as to the dietary disadvantaged to being a very poor vegetarian/pescatarian. I do supplement my diet with a steady flow of gin, which has always proven to be somewhat effective in curing the pangs of starvation.

As of lately, however, whenever I drink, I begin to sweat profusely. I’m not talking about alcoholic cocktails, but plain water or coffee. I believe it’s time for me to go dry and refuse all fluids until this malady is cured. Perhaps I will visit the old Victorian Era doctor down the road for a little blood letting too — maybe affix some cold leeches to my face to energetically sap all of the ailments out from my body.


This is for the 100 or so free trials who are now inside the hallowed halls, trying to figure out how to use the software.

Think of it as a watch tower that you get sit in to view the market. Each stock is rated by fundamentals and technicals. I did micromanage some sectors, particularly in the commodity space, which makes them sensitive to actual commodity movements. A large drop in oil would have a deleterious effect on the intra day technicals of oil stocks, for example. There are two other grading factors that are less transparent: one dubbed The Fifth Column and another Sub Rosa. Both take traditional correlating metrics to stocks and sectors and rewards/punishes scores based on percentage change movements.

For example:

When treasuries move X amount on a year to date basis, historically speaking, it is bearish for stocks.

How do we make money using it?

You can sit back and wait for mean reversion signals to kick in. Here are today’s oversold stocks. Or, you can wait for an overall system OS, which has been very rare over the past year. Not much fun waiting around.

Here’s a screen I like to peruse.  I used to have something like this at an old firm on one of their trading systems and I loved it. Basically, it gauges momentum by % from the daily high. I added in industries, so you can sort through them at your preference. When the number of stocks in this screen increases, the market is being bought, and vice versa. This is a great way to determine where money is going in real time.

I digitized a certain look on a chart that I like, the long consolidation, about to break out.

You can find most of my favorite screens, as well as seasonality stuff on The Grid.

Inside The Pelican Room is where we have our very active community of traders, who share ideas throughout the day. That room used to be a separate service that we merged into Exodus, which was called 12631. It was a $150k per annum revenue stream that was all but canceled out for the benefit of Exodus users. I hope you appreciate this feature, fuckheads.

The User Notes section is the original denizen where PPTers used to converse. PPT was the original iteration of this service. There you will find old schoolers and people who like to leave detailed notes on certain stocks.

The Industry Page will show you 200+ industries and how they’re performing intra-day, and on the far right of the page, timeframes ranging from 1 day to 5 years. If you click on one of the industries, like Trucking, take a look at the “chart” — which is the hybrid scores of all of the trucking stocks aka predictive algos. Essentially, this is the OB/OS, customized over 200 industries.

There’s also valuation and seasonality tools  on an stock (AAPL), industry (diversified electronics), and sector (technology) level. You can use this data to see how your stock, industry, sector is valued by PE/PS/PB over the past decade, stacked up against peers and the market as a whole. This is an immensely useful tool for people interested in fundamentals.

Here’s Apple’s historical PS ratios. The visualizations are helpful, at least to me they are.

Per stock, we elegantly break down revenue and earnings streams, noted by the exact date when earnings were reported.

This is what taking over America looks like.

Naturally, there are thousands of ways to splice the screens, create baskets aka watch lists and all of this can be shared inside the community. Both community screens and baskets are public, so whenever someone creates something, they’re listed.

My quant positions are here.

My discretionary trades are here.

Inside of each user Profile, you can direct message another member — for private correspondence. We do not monitor that shit.

I keep a blog there, which I update on occasion — whenever I deem it necessary. If anyone has a special request for the Exodus blog, I am all ears.

When I was starting out in the business, back in 1997, I would’ve loved to have access to a platform like this. Instead, I literally slaved away on the Bloomberg terminal and Yahoo message boards for ideas and information. There isn’t a platform out there that is the holy grail. If they advertise themselves as such, you should ignore them. The point of any financial software tool is for it to be useful to you can possibly create value. I’ve made endless amounts of coin trading off the oversold signals alone, aside from the sundry of picks I’ve harvested from there, names that I never knew existed until I found them there.

I hope you enjoy your trial and my thoughts and prayers are with you, hoping that you overcome your indecorous freeloading ways and become an upstanding paying member of our burgeoning community of top hatted gents and ladies soon.

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    Fly, I know a few members of Exodus who have mentioned they would like to see alerts when RC makes a trade in the Pelican Room.

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