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Morning Poppers (Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Edition)

UPDATE: Apple: Morgan Stanley raises bull-case thesis to $253 from $203 on AAPL ahead of iPhone event; Overweight, $182 tgt

Good morning Mates. Fly here and I woke up with an Australian accent. I had myself a spot of Vegemite this morning and now I’m back to preparing myself to kick older men than me down empty elevator shafts, throwing bottles of mustard at them on their way down.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Theresa May’s BREXIT bill is facing immense criticism and there are calls for her to rewrite it. This might have something to do with the fact that the pound is higher v the dollar by 0.84%.

European markets are higher by 0.79%, with exception to Britain, who is down 0.25% — likely due to its curreny popping higher.

Dow futures are higher by 51, NASDAQ +13.

Both gold and silver are weak again, off by 0.5%. And copper is down 1%, which might lend weakness to Chinese related stocks. By the way, there are a slew of Chinese IPOs coming public soon. WTI is higher by 0.4%.

ETH and BTC go higher, no matter what. The former is higher by 4.6% and the latter by 3.4%.

Govt bonds are slightly weaker, as the tape takes on a risk on aspect to it.

Here are some other headlines, from my fucking Twitter feed.

Gapping up:
RADA +13.5%, TEVA +7.6%, LAYN +7.1%, CTIC +5.2%, TTD +4%, EYES +3.9%, BVXV +2.6%, PPHM +2.2%, GPRO +2.1%, WDC +1.3%, MU +1.3%, AMD +1.3%, QIWI +1.1%, AAPL +1.1%, JD +0.6%, NVDA +0.5%

Gapping down:
SAGE -24.3%, HIIQ -22.3%, LMNR -9.7%, BCRX -8.7%, BIP -4.8%, PTLA -2.6%, FDC -2.1%, MRNS -1.9%, EFX -1.7%, MZOR -1.7%, CPT -1.2%, ADXS -1%

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  1. sarcrilege

    Brexit is a 50/50 outcome at this point with so many attempts to delay and sabotage quick exit. Might as well place bets with your bookie rather than stawk broker.

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  2. ericbakerbruce

    Keep stackin

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  3. rigged game

    Why shouldn’t the USA stock market, especially
    insurance stocks- soar” “Only” $500 billion in
    hurricane damage, a loss of 1.5% to USA GDP,
    and APPL with a fantastic $1000 new product!

    Oh – I see – the North Korean dictator is now
    a peacenik, the NK situation is “under control”
    and Trump has morphed into Trumka.

    What a RIGGING by the banksters and PPT!

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  4. the dude

    Those lucky Brits basking in the glow of Brexit. Finally near free of the Bruxelles jackboot.

    But, oh mon Dieu, $EWU lagging $FEZ as fantasy Brexit fades and actual Brexit approaches.

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  5. fryguy15

    Thanks for the run-down. At first I thought you wrote you had a spotty vagina this morning. Still sleepy here apparently.

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