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My Recap of Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 6 (filled with spoilers)

So the dragon got killed, which was leaked online a few weeks ago by hacker fuckheads. How is that going to work? Will the dragon kill with fire or ice? I imagine it would be ice.

Also, what is Cersei’s end game? Clearly, she has no choice but to agree to fight the dead. But when will she betray the Mother of Dragons and try something diabolical?

From what I’ve gathered so far, and I do consider myself to be the absolute authority on teevee shows, having seen more shows and films than most of you combined, I do believe the final battle will be in King’s Landing, with the boss as fuck Night King descending upon the living like a scourge of nightmarish proportions.

Jon Snow and Mother of Dragons will hook up. That much is obvious. However, I do not see them living very long, since they’re both suicidal maniacs whose entire purpose in life is to make life better for others and not themselves. We see the writers are dropping hints already, such as Tyrion worried about who would be her successor in the event of an untimely death.

It would be fitting for Theon to somehow make his way to the Iron Throne, a bedraggled man who has known nothing but cowardice. But fans would be livid. Personally, I’d like The Hound to win it all, sit on the fucking throne, eating all the chickens — married to Arya. I don’t think Little Finger’s role on the show will last much longer, since he’s likely to attempt to convince Sansa that Arya should be killed. Arya is likely waiting for a plot like this to occur, which will backfire and incidentally cause the deaths of both Sansa and Little Finger.

I do pray that Arya will get to wear Sansa’s face, in order to kill Cersei.

Also, The Mountain is on Arya’s kill list. Wouldn’t it be cool if Arya could face and kill The Mountain in a ‘trial by combat’?

I’m pretty sure next episode will be a lovefest between former enemies, setting up for a momentous ending to this amazing show.

BTW: What do you think will happen to Ellaria Sand (the woman chained to her daughter inside Cersei’s cellar)?

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  1. ironbird

    Mother of dragons Hillary was not supposed to lose. Game of Cunts did not know that. Some woman saves the day. The end. Probably the massive trannie dyke and the midget have babies. Happily ever after.

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  2. Dr. Fly

    Jesus Christ.

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  3. natehois

    Does the ice dragon shoot ice?
    My bet is daeny gets the throne but ends up with only one or no dragons so it’s a very uncomfortable ending.
    Hopefully little finger gets the ol stabbo next episode, his arc is a little too long in the tooth.

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  4. bushwacker2

    From stocks, to politics, to fantasy teevee, you’ve captured more market share. Nice.

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  5. michael

    Only dragon fire can bring down the wall, it’s been foreshadowed for a long time.

    Cant wait for next weeks episode.

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