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Stocks Rip to New Highs; Banksters Not Invited

I feel so bad that Goldman Sachs is down 0.44% for the day, whilst stocks are jerking off to the upside with frantic fury. Blame it on JPM’s CEO, Jamie Dimon and his fucking potty mouth.

The picture is indelibly worse inside the regional fag-banks — which are all down in the magnitude of 1.2%. The sell off is a mystery, since spreads are nearly 100bps and the economy is doing ‘so fucking great.’

Nevertheless, we market players will suffice, without the succor of local banksters.

Today’s biggest winners are found in silver/gold — thanks to the buoyancy in the retarded metal sector. One other notable outlier is the pound, racing higher by 1.1% v the dollar. The euro is +0.56% too, which, again, is a net positive for US exporters.

Market breadth is a milquetoast 66%. If you’re not playing the right stocks, you’re an idiot and should shoot yourself out from a carnivale cannon and into the mouth of an alligator. I don’t have time for your inglorious incompetence.

We all hate everything, nothing new with that. But that shouldn’t stop us from financing our schemes through this free money being slapped around the market every single day.

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