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Close Friend of Comey, Ben Wittes, Makes Up Absurd Story About Comey Being ‘Disgusted’ by Trump Hug

If Comey admits to being ‘disgusted’ by ‘hugging’ Trump, I fucking promise to eat a shoe on my inactive periscope account. When I clicked on this stupid story from The Shill, I figured I’d just watch it and move on. So I got to watching it and as it went on, it became more absurd, almost perverse, in the blatancy of the lies being purported by this former Washpo editor and Brookings Institue faggot.

If you’re a democrat and believe this is a person of repute, feel free to fuck yourself. Look at this submental, literally making the story up as he went along the faggot rode paved for him by the PBS eunuch.

‘He really wanted to blend in and not be singled out. He’s wearing, if you watch the video, he’s wearing a blue blazer. And he stands in the room that is as far from Trump that is physically possible to be and also against blue drapes that are the same color as his –‘

‘He chose that spot?’

‘He chose that spot because it was almost like a chameleon or camouflaged against the wall.’

Fuck yourself Ben Wittes.

It’s worth noting, Wittes has a black belt in Taekwondo. I still like my chances in beating him senseless, if afforded the chance, however.

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  1. probucks

    Why the outage? I would expect nothing less sensational & unverifiable from shills in MSM.

    Naturally at this point they’re going to try to dress up Comey as some type of martyr for Dems.

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    • derp

      Because Comey already swore under oath this is a nothing burger. So either he is keaking shit because he’s a queer or he lied under oath. Either way Voney is fucked.

      By the way Tae Kwon Do is kicking. A black belt in Kenpo will wipe the floor with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Never limit yourself to one school. Always study more than one form of close quarter combat.

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  2. stockslueth

    Make America Great Again – There’s a phrase I have stopped hearing.

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  3. oilerua

    that’s just because that day comey did not epilate his vagina he wasn’t confortable enough

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  4. metalleg

    Trump should have fired James Blowme on day 1.

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  5. doubleplus

    Lol – hey man. The ads are out of control. It’s either a pop-up for every link, or else a bar at the bottom that obscures 1/6th of the screen. I get that you’re monetizing, but goddamn – we don’t come here to disable constant advertising. We could go to a major news network to do that.

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  6. oilerua

    ALL WE NEED TO KNOW bout russia scandal ( is it real .. that after 5 months we’re still here debating everyday : about nothing ? holy shit I couldn’t largely imagine this fakenews drama pumped up from dnc in americas medias for 1 month now it’s 5 going everyday?? )

    by Eli Lake

    5 18 2017

    It takes a former FBI director to solve this puzzle

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just did Donald Trump a favor.

    It may not look like that from the perspective of the president. His Twitter feed is filled with eruptions about the fraudulence of the Russia investigation. But by appointing the former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate the matter, Rosenstein has quieted a crisis that was consuming Trump’s presidency.
    Former FBI Director Mueller to Lead Russia Investigation

    The storm has been gathering for more than a week. It started when Trump impetuously fired the FBI director, James Comey, claiming at first that he did so on the advice of Rosenstein. Then the president changed his story and told NBC News that he was going to fire Comey anyway and that part of this was because the bureau’s Russia investigation was dragging on.

    The Comey camp soon struck back. First his allies leaked that Trump had asked Comey for his loyalty back in January over dinner. Then in a more damaging story, the New York Times reported on a memo Comey had written to record a conversation in which Trump asked him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, the national security adviser Trump fired after three weeks on the job.

    To state the obvious, all of this made Trump look like he had something to hide. And it did not take long for Democrats to seize on this theme, mounting a campaign for a special counsel as a condition to approve the next FBI director.

    Republicans also began to slide away from the leader of their party. Senator John McCain said the Russia scandal was beginning to resemble Watergate. Senator Bob Corker said the White House was in a downward spiral. A Republican committee chairman asked the FBI to hand over Comey’s notes of meetings with Trump. The Russia probe was consuming Trump’s presidency.

    Now Rosenstein has offered the president a reset. Trump has a chance to try to focus on foreign and domestic policy. And in this respect the timing is fortunate.

    Trump will travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium on his first foreign trip as president, starting Friday. He plans to press Arab allies to form a new alliance against Iran. He hopes to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. He has a chance to lock down greater spending commitments from NATO allies.

    On the domestic front, Trump can now focus on getting his health-care legislation and tax cuts through the Senate.

    This is not to say there are not risks. A special counsel has the authority to pursue all kinds of leads, even if they are not about collusion with Russia during the election. As anyone who remembers the 1990s can attest, these investigations can begin by looking into shady land deals in Arkansas and end up documenting a president’s sexual dalliances with a White House intern.

    But Mueller is trusted by both parties. In his dozen years as FBI director, he avoided major scandals. He also sidestepped political pitfalls that have tarnished the legacy of Comey and another FBI director, Louis Freeh, who spent his years investigating the Clintons.

    This may end up offering Flynn, whom Trump has defended publicly since firing him, a chance for redemption. So far, much is unclear — not only whether Flynn is innocent or guilty, but even what law he might have broken. In interviews this week and in Congressional testimony last week, the former deputy attorney general Sally Yates would not say what crime Flynn is alleged to have committed. This did not stop her however from describing in ominous tones the nature of his intercepted conversations last December with Russia’s ambassador when he was the incoming national security adviser. She did say that she believed Flynn was compromised and vulnerable to blackmail because he had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about discussing sanctions on that call.

    On this point, Flynn and Trump should welcome a fresh set of eyes. This is because Yates’s charge of potential blackmail appears on the surface to be risible. After all, Flynn was a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and must have known his calls were being recorded. What’s more, we don’t yet know whether Flynn was authorized by Trump to discuss sanctions on the calls with the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. Judging from Trump’s campaign promises, this seems likely.

    Last week, Michael McFaul, who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia for Barack Obama and was an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, told me he didn’t think the blackmail scenario was plausible. “I think it would be very hard for Russians to use the event of Flynn lying to Pence to blackmail him,” he said. “Imagine the conversation: Kislyak calls Flynn and says, ‘If you don’t lift sanctions, I’m gong to tell the New York Times that you lied to the vice president’?” He added, “That doesn’t seem plausible to me, and it makes me wonder if there are more plausible scenarios based on other evidence that those testifying know but didn’t share.”

    When the story about Flynn broke, many news outlets reported that Flynn had violated an obscure law known as the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from conducting foreign policy independent from the government. This law has never been prosecuted, and if it were enforced it would make foreign policy preparations for an incoming administration illegal.

    Flynn’s legal troubles more likely come from his failure to properly report foreign income. One source close to Flynn told me that the Justice Department had opened an investigation into Flynn after the election in November for failing to register his work on behalf of a Turkish businessman, pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Flynn had instead reported this income through the more lax Lobbying Disclosure Act. After his resignation, Flynn registered as a foreign agent for Turkey.

    Flynn also failed to report with the Pentagon his payment in 2015 from Russia’s propaganda network, RT, for a speech in Moscow at the network’s annual gala. As I reported last month, Flynn did brief the Defense Intelligence Agency about that trip before and after he attended the RT gala. The Pentagon also renewed his top-secret security clearance after that trip.

    Another potential problem for Flynn could be that he was not truthful with the FBI when its agents interviewed him in January. He agreed to the interview without a lawyer, signaling he did not have anything to hide.
    Clear thinking from leading voices in business, economics, politics, foreign affairs, culture, and more.
    Share the View

    Flynn now appears to be a subject of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation. NBC News reported Wednesday that Flynn and Paul Manafort, a lobbyist who worked for the pro-Russian Ukrainian regime before the 2014 uprising that unseated that government, are subjects of the probe. Manafort was the Trump campaign manager for a little less than two months before he was fired when it emerged that his name was on a secret ledger listing cash payouts on behalf of a pro-Russian party in Ukraine.

    So far, Flynn, Manafort and two other Trump associates — political operative Roger Stone and businessman Carter Page — have had their reputations stained in news stories quoting anonymous leaks. Mueller now has a chance to evaluate the investigation that has allegedly generated these leaks and pursue the facts where they lead.

    The prospect of closure and a legitimate investigation is good for the country. It’s also good for Flynn, Manafort, Page and Stone, who have expressed through counsel and in their own words their innocence. And while Trump may not know it, the special counsel has offered his flailing presidency a lifeline

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  7. ferd

    Be aware that the Lakes of the world are delighted that a properly compromised and chastened Trump will go abroad and bend to their will. Is Trump now going to make peace with Russia? Butt out of Syria. Can he stand up to Israeli expansionists?

    Lake is a neocon/Israeli propagandist. He has worked to sell the Iraq WMD lies and has worked to destroy any who seek a more balanced approach in the mid-east ..to destroy anyone that wants our policies and actions to serve American interests.

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  8. riotact

    Trump has zero credibility. Shit, if someone could have a negative credibility, it would be Trump.

    When Trump went on for 5+ years about Obama’s birth certificate, 80% of you buffoons believed him. I’d bet 50% still think Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim.

    No way to rationalize with you idiots.

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    • slip5ham

      The amazing thing to watch is everybody falling over themselves to meet him at the bottom of the credibility curve. This is how he won the election for God’s sake, one candidate after the other thought they could engage in a battle of shit-talking only to find out they had unloaded their magazine and this guy wasn’t dead. Instead of coming up with a new strategy these fools just double the ammunition and hope he’ll fall. Every time Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi (or virtually anybody else in the party) stumbles through their talking points sounding like a community college graduate with early onset dementia, you can see the 18% of undecideds vowing never to step foot near the Democratic party. You simply can’t look at these people and feel pride. Every time one of the once credible journalistic publications writes an article on what Trump eats for dinner or how mysterious sources know what he’s thinking, you can feel them spending a little bit of the credibility they built over the previous decades. If they finally do kill the beast this time they will look up and find that they have done permanent damage to themselves.

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      • frog

        What a good Republican you are– hating liberals no matter how badly Trump and the GOP screw you. You hold Nancy Pelosi to some absurd standard of perfection and she doesn’t meet it. Meanwhile Trump effs up everything with his Reverse Midas Touch where everything he touches turns to shit.

        The Democratic party may not be perfect. And Fox News may point out every tiny real or imaginary flaw that any Democrat on earth has– but Dems have 1000X more to offer the 99.99% than the GOP does.

        Anyone not wishing Hillary was president already, is going to be soon.

        Bill Maher says “the Republican Party exists to do two things — cut taxes for rich people and hate liberals.”


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  9. riotact

    Anyone still on the “Trump Train”, please look up what MOTIVATED IGNORANCE is.
    That’s you to a T.

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  10. traderconfessions

    What’s so hard to believe.. he didn’t want to get orange Cheetos dust on his dark suit.

    Here’s more about your thug president:


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