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“The Bearded Clam” Bernanke Met With “Kamikaze” Kuroda, to Discuss Central Bank Swag

Dr. Benjamin Bernanke flew in on his private jet, accompanied by three dozen retired secret service agents, working for the Citadel corporation, to discuss monetary policy with the BOJ chief, famously dubbed ‘Kamikaze’ Kuroda–here on iBankCoin.

Amongst other things, the good Doctor schooled Kuroda and his minion, Prime Minister Abe, about how to properly bitch slap short sellers and to create an overall swag at the Central Bank that cannot be fucked with.

“We are only halfway to the exit from deflation,” Abe said at the start of the meeting at his residence Tuesday. “We want to be steadfast in accelerating our breakaway from deflation.”

Officials in Japan described their perverted monetary plans and how they’d like to monetize their own construction bonds and then spend said money, recklessly, in a desperate gambit to get the robot-anime loving weirdos who populate Tokyo to procreate and spend some fucking yen.

Bernanke’s message was indelibly clear: get your fucking C. Bank swag on and make a lot of traps to fuck with short sellers. Let them know your pimp hand is strong, and they’ll never fuck with you again. He said all of these things whilst smoking a philly blunt stuffed with high-grade marijuana.

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  1. Marc David

    SPY is TSLA on autopilot minus the Harry Potter. Buy every single golden OS call via Exodus. Never look back. Cheers to you Fly. Your blog hand is strong.

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  2. chuck bennett

    Marc David is s poet

    I’m making retard money on X and TXN

    It’s unreal

    The PPT is da truth


    Chuck Bennett

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