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Investing in Biotech Is a Bloodsport

Just this morning, three piece of shit biotech stocks got fucked by the FDA–all down upwards of 40%. The Obama administration has been very pro science, which has paved the way for gigantic rallies in biotech stocks. This wasn’t always the case under Bush, who regularly pandered to a psychotic religious right who detested science in favor of  Jesus cookies. Even with Obama’s Frankenstonian era of wanton experimentation and $500,000 aspirins, investing in the space can be a harrowing experience.

Case in point, today’s fucked face inverse lottery winners: ADMP, OCUL and DNAI.


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We’ve all heard the success stories of people throwing all of their money into one biotech stock, making millions in the process. During last year’s iBC investors conference, I was entreated to such a tale. But, trust me when I tell you, many more men have taken to the flask, investing in this God foresaken industry than any other in the market.

Buy an ETF or at least screen for companies who already enjoy revenues. To invest in early stage R&D facilities is nothing short of gambling.

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  1. zheeeem

    I have a small XBI position, and an OK AGN position I started when it got hammered post-PFE. I’m out when the TEVA deal goes through. These things are expensive up here.

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