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Welcome to Piece of Shit Stock Day, Starring $GPRO

What a wonderful rally. I hope it can last all the way until 4pm. Wouldn’t that be splendid?

Both airlines and oil stocks are up today, despite oil and gas balance sheets whithering away to nothing causing execs to cease handing out free soda pop in the break room.

On days like today, a long can only sit back and hope short sellers finally get mauled and slaughtered and mudstomped into gravel bits. They’ve had it good for too long.

On melt up days, the biggest piece of shit stocks tend to do well. Shares of GPRO, X, ATI, DGLY, BOFI, SN, MTL, CYBR and even BBRY are soaring, for Christ’s sake.

In the past, traders would get an erection seeing this type of risk appetite. However, for those of us who’ve been burned over the past two years, we’ve seen this homosexual horseshit play out too many times.

You get hoodwinked into buying into GPRO today; and by the time the trade settles, you’re balled up in the shower crying to baby jesus.

Look, fuck this market. Take profits fast. Don’t trust the man on the teevee. Remember that the Fed is going to clown-rape us next week.

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  1. one-eighty

    Apropos of nothing, the West is spending fortunes trying to get rid of ISIS, and the Saudis thank us by trying to destroy our oil industry.

    We should pull everything out of there and let those fuckers deal with it themselves.

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  2. levrage

    Is that a bong on the right?

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