Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Going against her better judgement, I disobeyed Grandma Yellen and averaged down in shares of RUBI. Its been an awful performer and I really shouldn’t be buying more of this offal. However, it’s down 9 consecutive days and this whole sell off due to Janet Yellen suggesting valuations are stretched in social media and biotech has me sick to my stomach.


The manipulator in Chief doesn’t like the market to be manipulated. How ironic.

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  1. duckkell

    Leisman or Santelli?

  2. blackalgo

    no need to be so dramatic. This is just the aversion phase of the corrective price action in techs – sentiment is always negative down here. Added to TWTR today. Can’t wait to see the bears faces after earnings.

  3. surplusdroids

    The Santelli Boner index went through the roof.

    Regardless of where one falls, either agreeing with the panel or Rick…
    The adversarial confrontation of various issues makes for good discussion.

    It would be nice if the folks on “financial Tee-Vee” became MORE specific with their arguments. However, they will continue with broad, open ended, assertions that provide NO real value because so many of their terms are not defined.

    Congrats to Rick for having the NUTS to argue. The clowns at CNBC had better recognize that the ratings and “page views/downloads” for that clip have gone through the roof.

    I like Rick because he presents the other side. At least he doesn’t sit on the panel towing the status quo out of self interest and preservation for whatever pay or benefits the “commentary” job provides.

    Just my 2 cents. Keep kicking ass Fly!

    • alty

      Right, because the guy who “knows” where the market is headed is the one you want to listen to. Perhaps the ones you are criticizing are the few on that channel that are truly honest. You may not appreciate their uncertainty but it’ll save you from losing your ass more than some loud mouth clown will ever help you make money.

  4. surplusdroids

    And nice job calling out Yellin for actually manipulating the market when she advocates less or no manipulation.

    The hypocrisy is rife.

  5. ironbird

    Hard to run a true nanny state without a grandma.

  6. tradercaddy

    Sounds a lot like this:
    “But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values….” Allan Greenspan 12/96
    And as you know we went up another 3.5 years or so after the quote.
    Calm down. Yellen is somebody’s Grandma.

    • surplusdroids

      You are right TC.

      It’s classic.
      It is funny how the Fed constantly points to reams and reams of data to support their assertions. Yet, when the shit hits the fan…”We don’t have the ability to track” or “the data is inconclusive.”

      I remember when Greenspan was testifying before Congress regarding the financial crisis.

      In his opening statement, he stated, “Congressman, my model for how the universe works had one flaw.” All I kept thinking was..what a pompous fool. Nobody has a “model for how the universe works.” Egregious.

  7. UncleBuccs

    Surely a even distinguished gentleman would be excused for uttering the “C” word today…

    • Raul3

      I thought she kicked ass today. Those last two Senators brought some serious heat and Yellen took it in stride. They were talking like commies, she shut it down IMO. Three cheers for Yayo Yellen, BTMFD whilst wearing a GoPro on your head

  8. TJWP

    The only thing that lever does that she is holding is: Print or don’t print.

    Financial engineering at its finest.

  9. NON Solo

    I got into ANGI @ $10.66. I like the risk/reward here. it’s down ~15% since post July 4th downtrend started.

  10. jon v

    I thought we were trying to avoid money losing operations in the tech space.

  11. jpmorgains

    Love the pic at the bottom.

  12. rahagar

    OK, I am back in RUBI, she can take off again now

  13. alty

    She’s offering us a chance to buy in at lower prices. How is this a bad thing? Wait…you all do have cash ready to be deployed right? Sold GDX and EWZ out in the last week as they hit recent resistance and now wait patiently for whatever goes on sale.

  14. Trent J

    On her way out today Nana Yellen was obviously singing the words to Katy Perry’s “DarkHorse”..

    So you wanna play with magic
    Boy, you should know what you’re falling for
    Baby do you dare to do this?
    Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
    Are you ready for, ready for
    A perfect storm, perfect storm
    Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine (love trippin’)
    There’s no going back

  15. it is showtime

    Stock Pops & Drops: Monday, 14 Jul 2014


  16. k_melancon

    The financial axis of evil: social media, biotechs, and small caps