Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Trading Mastery

You are all well aware of The Option Addict’s unparralleled skill during roaring bull markets. I’ve never seen anything like it, quite frankly. ChessnWine has established himself as a man who knows when to play his cards and when to fold them, as evidenced by his avoidance of any drawdown–whatsoever–when most were taking line drives to the scrotum about a month ago.

But Ragin Cajun has been killing it since the site launched, back in 2007–almost unnoticed. He’s very quiet, almost mouse-like, going about his business of picking supreme winners whilst bench pressing 400 pounds of iron (he owns two gyms). There is something to be said about a person who dedicates his/her life towards the betterment of their body. I find these people to be motivated, disciplined, and most of the time successful.

Have a look at the recent winners by Ragin Cajun inside of the confines of 12631.


If any of you are on the fence about joining 12631, pay attention to the graphic I just posted above. As industry professionals, it’s imperative that you invest in your research to help buttress your sales, otherwise clients will simply leave–head on over to Bill “Montauk” Ackman’s joint. This is not to say that The PPT (investment tools), After Hours with Option Addict (After Hour’s trading wrap up) and 12631 (real time trading room) aren’t suited for the everyday Joe, desperately seeking to make enough money to take his family to the local Red Lobster. However, I can only relate to those who wear the same shoes that I am wearing and you’d be remiss to not tap into the wealth of information and industry experience that is being shared on a daily basis– within our private halls.

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  1. rahagar

    Amen, from a 12631 member. First rate traders sharing great info and willing to answer all questions.

  2. matt_bear

    I’m a paid subscriber all the services, and they all serve a purpose. OA is the most fun due to his ability to take a small amount of money and help you turn it to a ridiculously large sum of money. Then the ppt and 12631 help with managing the large amount set to the side.

  3. UncleBuccs

    Dr. Fly, all of those wins took place after RC took delivery of the sexless mattress. Might you consider a 1970’s boxer style abstinence regiment until you get back on top? I’m sure the stock gods would appreciate your sacrifice & reward you justly…

    • RaginCajun

      While the temperpedic mattress is awesome and amazing, I attribute all my recent success to my stand up desk. I love that thing.

      Thanks for the shout boss.

  4. Fly

    I am married with three kids. I already have a sexless mattress.

    • UncleBuccs

      Maybe your trading has been fueled by transmutated sexual energy all this time… Could this really be the key?? An iBC monastery might be in order…

  5. Denizen

    What can I say ‘cept that I’m a huge fan of the Cajun.

  6. k_melancon

    Geaux Tigers!

  7. AKflyer

    RC for the win, always.

  8. Swinging for the Fences
    Swinging for the Fences

    I was a member of the PPT, 12631 and now a current member of the Option Addict. I have made money with every one of these services and every one of these fine gentlemen’s picks (including you, Fly). I can’t imagine how well I would have done if I could devote my full time attention to trading. Right now, OA is en fuego again. The daily chat room is chock full of great traders and great trading ideas. Thanks to all of you for making me a better trader over the 7 years I have been on this site.

  9. Fliar

    NOTE: How’d you like my ECYT purchase?

    LMAO, fly you have got to be down more than 30% this year…..the stock literally lost 1/3 after you started banging your chest……lol

    • Dr. Fly


      ECYT is LESS THAN 1% of my holdings. I am very sorry it wasn’t bigger so that you could jerk off on the internet off of someone else’s hardship. But it is what it is. Now you need to leave here before I really get angry.

      • Dr. Fly

        It’s also worth mentioning, I caught +10% of upside on it yesterday, so it’s not down 30% from my basis.

        • figesmall

          Is it REALLY worth you time and energy to reply to these @sshats? Just ban them already and move forward. You are much better than them.

  10. matt_bear

    Fly, I’d take it as a warning shot. The gods are being kind in letting us recover lost coin, but they’re not allowing any bragging and dealing out swift punishment to those that do.