Sunday, May 1, 2016
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In Memoriam of the NASDAQ

Before I sell everything and fire myself from ever managing money again, I’d like to share with you some of the percentage gain losses, from 8 WEEKS AGO to now, of some of 2013’s favorite stocks.

EXEL -58%

HALO -57%

IMPV -55%

RPTP -52%

GIMO -45%

BNFT -51%

CLDX -50%

FUEL -46%

ALNY -40%

YNDX -40%

DDD -38%

CSOD -37%

FEYE -35%

MKTO -35%

P -35%

TWTR -32%

I can go on forever. Stocks, tech stocks in particular, are very much dead. Without a doubt, this will resonate within the homosexual community of Silicon Valley and punish those misfit retards with harsh valuation cuts, at some of their most praised “start-ups.”

That’s the only sliver lining in this here debacle.


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  1. “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”. If you were managing my money, I would be very pissed off this morning, regardless of past gains.

  2. Apparently it requested cremation over burial.

  3. Crash now?

  4. The arse is falling out of her.

  5. Something tells me FB & TWTR have a lot lower to go too. So does AAPL since there is no projected growth in the name. CSCO might hold up well due not only to valuation, but also a decent divy. Natty might be a good place to invest.

  6. Fucking new avatars are funny!

  7. Do you still have the keys to the FAZmobile?

  8. Dr. Fly, I have no advice or encouraging words for either you or I. I’m not planning on doing anything in the market today. If it isn’t raining in your neck of the woods, maybe a casual stroll with your pooch & a pipe would be a nice way to spend the afternoon…

  9. Happy to see that bannings are back. Smart move.

  10. xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M

    This is just getting started. I’m curious to see if there is any respite.

  11. I’m imagining Fly as Tommy Wiseau, acting out the ending scene of “the room”.

    Fortunately, this marks the “Fly bottom”, and growth stocks recover from here. #timestamp

  12. Lol wish I could be ribbing you but I had everything on a bullish flag but maybe I was wrong! 🙁 Hope at least gold blows up short term.

    • Gary Kaultbaums Absurd Notion

      You are an idiot. I could make a fortune just fading you. Please don’t opine on anything stock related. Ever.

      In fact, why not go to the forum where idiots,retards & other assembled fools gather and discuss the things that idiots discuss? A morons LoTR if you will. You could lead up topics like UFO sightings, Bigfoot hunting and the real acting talents of Jaden Smith and Ashton Kutcher.You would be King over there. King Retard The First you would be called. I can already picture your avatar.

      Unfortunately over here, you are just an idiot.

  13. You have been acting like a deer in headlights so maybe you could use the advice.

  14. The Fly didn’t lose money, he lost time. Over time, great traders ALWAYS make it back, and then some.

  15. These billionaire Wall Street thieves want to take my money, avoid taxation, and donate to liberal causes to make them feel all good about it inside. They make massive political contributions to keep the scam in place.

  16. I have just one question for the gracious proprietor of this site: Is Monsieur le Fly, aka Señor Tropicana, aka Horatio Clawhammer, aka, Plutonium Petey, winning even as he appears to be losing, rather badly?

  17. Wow…Woodshedder’s old “Denninger spooks” out and about.

  18. Keynes quotes are to financiers what Sun Tsu quotes are to sub par management. Someone fucking strangle me

  19. Constructive criticism is one thing, but being a f-tard just to express your schadenfreude is a whole other thing. The people who kick other people when they are already down are the lowest vile cretins in the food chain. On par with puppy snuff film watchers.

  20. Oddly, that avatar is the only bright spot in my day so far.

  21. Mother fucking market. The very definition of wealth destruction. The difference this time is I don’t think the retail investor is in these names.

  22. The last one please turn off that light… sold SQQQ

  23. I for one will be very sorry to see you go if that is the route you end up choosing. Your blog and subscription service have been of great value to me, not only in investing, but also in displaying an outlook on life that is condusive to being successful. Plus the obvious amusement value.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

    With respect,


  24. avatared

  25. Stop being a pussy. Look at everything in the market. It’s dying. It’s dying because everyone is being a pussy. Sling dick motherfucker. Go outside, roll up a nice fat blunt. Throw on YG’s new album. “Bicken Back Being Bool” and chill out. Look at GILD, shit crushed earnings remarkably and did fuck all.

    We’ll get another stimulus package or some shit and we’ll all be saved. Fuck the Bears.

  26. Why no mention of YELP? Too painful? I feel ya bro.

  27. lol@my avatar

  28. WOW! Someone has way to much fucking time on their hands.

  29. So, did you sell all horseman’s shares ? I myself came to conclude to clean my book as a biggest loss ever.

  30. I just wanted to see if I too have a colorful gravatar.

  31. Please ban these retards and throw a big FUCK in the next headline post. Let’s get back to the way things should be around here

  32. Who is more demanding, people who pay you to manage money, or readers of a free blog?

    • If I had money with the fly during times like this, I would call him nonstop. what’s my money doing sir?

  33. Love the avatars of the unwashed posters. Pictures of limp cocks would be most representative of these vagrants, but it is a family site mind you.

  34. Sometimes the best option is to go to safety and beat the hell out of a heavy bag for 3 days….use an axe and chop some wood…go fight a wino……then sit for a day in a dark room……watch The Matrix (for an entirely different reason than enjoyment)…and emerge with a new eye. Oh…and cut carbs.

  35. I’m sure everyone will live to fight another day… Hang in there, and manage your risk accordingly… You’ll be fine…. Dr. Fly will be writing winship posts in no time 🙂 !

  36. Shamelessly kicking a man when he is down?!?! Such reproachable behavior is Most Untoward!
    And in a man’s own home, no less?!?!
    Godless, barbarous heathens, the lot of you…
    For God’s sake, gentlemen! Remember yourselves!

  37. FEYE is almost back to it’s IPO Opening Price of $36?

  38. “Without a doubt, this will resonate within the homosexual community of Silicon Valley and punish those misfit retards with harsh valuation cuts, at some of their most praised “start-ups.”

    That’s the only sliver lining in this here debacle.”

    Indueed. And may I add this short request of God.

    Dear God,
    May you manifest the failure of all plumbing and electrical service (including temporary generators) at the “campus like” headquarters of any technology company around the world for a period of no less than 13 days beginning no later than 10:00pm eastern standard time this evening .

    And if it is not to much to ask lord, please coordinate an infestation of crabs in and around the pubic regions of all technology executives around the world who hold a title of vice president or higher at their respective companies. May you grant this prayer within the next forty eight hours. The bar scene should help you with this one.
    In your name we pray.

  39. Mr. Fly, in light of such egregious offence, the Society would not deem it inappropriate of you to demand satisfaction from these… ‘gentlemen’.

  40. F these negative losers…Fly – you keep doing what you do best. Persevere. Admonish these cancerous turds. Dig deep and do what you need in order to make it all back.

  41. Buying ANGI, NOW, PEGA, and IMMR like the complete moron I am. Down with the Ukraine.

  42. RIP fly. your earnings from last year are SMOKED!

  43. These avatars make iBC look like an STD-infected motel somewhere in Detroit circa 2013. Bring bannings by decimation—Rome must rise again.

  44. If down 30%, need 42% to get back to peak.

  45. What’s my avatar? (Pls don’t ban me, this is all I have)

  46. we need to update Fly’s stats for the stocks above. add another 105 down for each after today… ouch

  47. I Am Jesse Livermore

    long spy puts. methinks we will see the 200 day before this is over.

  48. All 16 of the stocks you mentioned are jokes. You deserve to lose $$$ if if invested / traded with those shitbags.

  49. FLY, I LOVE THE NEW AVATARS!!! Now we can tell the Real Jenny from the Block vs the FAKE Jennifer. They all sort of look like bacteria too, which amuses me too. You promised me the top a few weeks ago, Which was the perfect call…even though I think it is 1755 spx. People are so Greedy.

  50. This tanking seems unreal!

  51. man what a day, was thinkin what karney(white house guy) said….sell russian stocks, short them? well…he was right! crimea river, but

  52. Seriously, you’re all going to get b*tchslapped for your pessimism. Opportunity is knocking. Are you going to answer the door?

  53. .

    Well, I guess the … “NetSuite (N) is the Holy Grail” thesis is being seriously tested here !


    Been taken to the woodshed since the “Holy Grail” post of 1 month ago (-15%) !!!

    Earnings on Monday !