Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Time to Update the GARP Index

By the way, Seeking Alpha continues to defecate themselves with AMBA spiraling higher.

One of the added features to The PPT is the GARP index (growth at a reasonable price). I added this feature last year after people requested to have some longer term ideas thrown at them from my penthouse apartment. Over the past year, the GARP index returned in excess of 30%, excluding dividends. The chart got messed up after we updated the index in June; but it still tells the story.


The index is comprised of 15 stocks, diversified amongst the 10 principle sectors. It is updated only twice per annum, once in January and again in June. Here are the 6 month results of the current members.


I’ve been researching for the new 2014 GARP index for more than a month and will be unveiling it after pagan Xmas.

As an aside: BALT.

Look at Capesize rates this morning!

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  1. Maracka Flacka Flame
    Maracka Flacka Flame

    can’t wait for you to sell at 10 only to see the stock go up to 50 by the end of next year.

  2. flicker

    Lotsapussy for BALT holders.

  3. zookini

    YELP wants to prove itself

  4. J Livermore

    BALT – party on the bridge !!!

  5. capeless Wonder

    congrats sir, great call on BALT

  6. Jworthy

    Prescience Capital (the AMBA haters publishing on Seeking Alpha) released a hit piece on REGI the other day – stock is up 5% since.

  7. twinkies

    Fly… love your conviction on this trade. Congrats to you fine Sir (with a capital “S”)

  8. stockgator

    ANGI is the cats meow tits right now, big upside.

  9. matt_bear

    can’t believe the yelp 67.50 calls i had would be in the money right now. i’m up 120% on the 65’s though 🙂

  10. budh

    Is pagan Christmas on the same day as traditional Christmas? Or is it the solstice?