Monday, December 5, 2016
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I won again and you bozos never saw it coming. That sentence makes no sense, whatsoever, but is frighteningly belligerent. Hide the young children and the sensitive men, who wear shorts and drink frappacinos, for Le Fly is bowling tonight and he’s knocking down human skulls instead of pins.

Everything I own will trade higher tomorrow. Regretfully, I stand before you a humble man, 40% cash, 60% win. For those of you who doubted my pimp hand, you shall feel the wrath of my knuckles soon.

YELP smashed and will trade up frenetically tomorrow. AMBA, IMMR, POWI and maybe GPRE will move higher as well.

I’d like to circle back to POWI, because it’s my top under the radar pick for 2013. No one is monitoring them, which speaks volumes about my colleagues in the money management business. Yes, piker, I am talking to you directly, while blowing pipe smoke in your face (I dare you to say crack pipe). You don’t do the work; therefore, you shall not reap the rewards.

POWI will earn $3.00 in 2014 and deserves a 30 multiple because of their revolutionary smart phone strategy. As such, I declare the shares are worth nothing less than $90 per share. You may fool around all you want, playing checkers in the parlour, lighting fires in the forest. But rest assured, POWI trades to $90 by next year, this time.

I have another stock for the gentlemen in the money management business; but I will not provide you with a thesis. I want you to tell me why its shares are heading wayyy higher.

The ticker symbol is (brace yourself): CRS.

Good night.

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  1. Jules

    Pimp Fly, you should make the new site logo a pimp cup with a diamond encrusted IBC.

  2. fifty2weekhi

    Congrats on YELP, again! I wish you had twitted, for I would have followed. But that’s part of the familiar jinx.

  3. Bruce

    CRS will trade up, because the Fly has declared it so. Period.

  4. AKwitdemBeamz

    On CRS…one word. Biometal.

    This sector will make these guys what ONVO is to 3D printing and biotech.

    • The_Real_Hmmm

      Robocop will finally get to lay some pipe? I think it’s more about the operational leverage at the upcoming Athens plant and the fact that it will have the biggest radial press in the biz. Capacity++. Strap on your six sigma belts, it’s going to be an efficient ride.

  5. AKwitdemBeamz

    When will American business get rid of that nonsense. 7Tao for the win. Six Sigma is so 1980’s. I laugh at business school grads who believe they need to reinvent the wheel with this “revolutionary” idea that all of their professors educated them on.

  6. The Fly

    Tell that to our record cash hordes

  7. Yabollox

    Can’t Remember Shit….

    oh, lower commodity prices!

  8. The Fly

    Warrior is a sick film.

  9. Oneismany

    Given your intuition of regret regarding a beat in Yelp, and buying despite wishes of a 20% pullback only to find a 10% pop… do you hold or do you sell come AM? Rebuy on the pullback? Or hold until the gut feeling of $100 roll?

  10. Bob the Builder

    RE: CRS

    Ramping OEM production at Airbus & Boeing; Specialty alloys into US Chemical plants capitalizing on cheap natty; optionality from PCP (heavy on the angel dust) buying them due to Mark Donegan buying everyone and possessing unmatched operational prowess; and finally, the gas turbine business has to accelerate at some point, right?

    Am I close?

  11. noCigar

    Surely you know Mr Fly that CRS is not the only metal powder supplier in the world?

  12. Trading_Nymph

    Futures are up with DOW at 100 pts higher. But overbought with the 10 year still at clam adding anything…should fade into the close.

  13. Industry Insider
    Industry Insider

    $YELP closes above $50 today?

  14. Ray Donovan

    FRO going full blowout pre-market..what gives?

  15. Industry Insider
    Industry Insider

    And iBC seems a lot faster today…I appreciate that…

  16. gatorsun

    RKUS.for the win

  17. LOL

    another clown rally to short

  18. AKwitdemBeamz

    Fly, I followed you into battle on the monster signal of Yelp. My margin is screaming at me this morning. I will DD CRS – despite my hatred of Six Sigma.

  19. Adam

    great call on YELP, fly. Right there with you and feeling like I do not have enough shares! Have you added today?